This page introduces several materials tools and utilities that come with V-Ray for 3ds Max.


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V-Ray has a number of tools to allow various jobs to be achieved regarding materials including baking of vector displacement maps, conversion of VRmats and the V-Ray material editor that allows the editing or creation of .vismat or .vrmat files that can be used by other scenes.

Utilities and Tools

  • Bake Vector Displacement - This is a utility material that allows you to generate displacement maps for Vector displacement when used along with texture baking. It requires that you have a low poly base geometry and a high poly target geometry. You can then generate a map that when used with vector displacement turns the base geometry into the target geometry. Vector displacement, unlike standard displacement which displaces only in a positive or negative direction from the surface of the low poly base, allows displacement to occur in all 3 axis. Thus instead of just being in a positive or negative direction, displacement can occur in many combined directions.
  • VRmat Editor - The V-Ray Material Editor allows the creation, editing, and saving of multiple materials into a .vismat or .vrmat file that can then be opened by other scenes.
  • VRmat Converter - The V-Ray .vrmat converter can be used to convert materials in 3ds Max to .vrmat files which can be loaded using the VRayVRmatMtl material.