This page provides information on the Normal Bump Texture.


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The VRayNormalMap texture is similar to the standard 3ds Max Normal Map texture, but works on any V-Ray compatible geometry, including V-Ray proxies, displaced objects etc. In the example shown here, a metal normal map is used in the normal channel and separate plank texture is used for the bump channel.



UI Path: ||Material Editor window|| > Material/Map Browser > Maps > V-Ray > VRayNormalMap






normal map – The texture to use for normal mapping. Care needs to be taken for correct gamma correction of any bitmap textures assigned here. Some software packages generate normal maps that include a 2.2 gamma correction, while other packages generate linear normal maps. The VRayNormalMap texture assumes that any normal textures are in tangent UV space. The mapping channel that defines that UV space can be specified with the map channel parameter. V-Ray assumes that the blue B component is "up" for the normal map (the direction along the surface normal), which means that the "neutral" color of a normal map is RGB 128, 128, 255. This can be swapped with the green G channel using the swap red and green parameter.

bump map – An additional texture for bump mapping applied on top of the normal map.

map channel – Defines which UV space to use to derive the tangent space in which the normal map is interpreted.

flip red – When enabled, flips the red channel of the normal map. This is needed for maps produced by some software packages.

flip green – When enabled, flips the green channel of the normal map. This is needed for maps produced by some software packages.

swap red and green – Swaps the red and green channels of the normal map. Some software packages assume that the green G component of the normal map is the "up" direction along the surface normal.



  • If you wish to use a VRayNormalMap with VRayTriplanarTex in a material, assign the VRayNormalMap to the VRayTriplanarTex's texture node and then use the VRayTriplanarTex in your material. Linking in the other direction is not recommended.