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This page provides information on the User-Defined Scalar Map.


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The VRayUserScalar texture allows the user to read and return a single number value from the User-Defined properties of the currently shaded object as a result. This can be useful if the same material or texture is applied to several objects in the scene, but we want to control some of its aspects (i.e. material glossiness, or a blend between two other textures inside a Mix texture etc) with User-Defined properties




UI Path: ||Material Editor window|| > Material/Map Browser > Maps > V-Ray > VRayUserScalar






Default value – The value of the texture if the user property is not found on the currently shaded object.

Default texmap – A default texture map to use if the user property is not found on the currently shaded object.

Attribute name – A string that defines the name of the user property.


Format for the Values of User Properties

The text box below the parameters lists possible formats for the value of the user property and how they are interpreted. For example, if we want to use the value of a user property named mtl_glossiness, this can be specified as mtl_glossiness=0.7 on one object and as mtl_glossiness=0.9 on another.


The same material is applied to the two objects with a VRayUserScalar texture controlling the reflection glossiness.


Object properties for the first object


Object properties for the second object.


Even though the two objects have the same material, the glossiness is determined by the user property.