This page provides information on the V-Ray Bitmap to VRayHDRI converter tool.


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V-Ray includes a MaxScript tool for converting standard 3ds Max Bitmap textures to VRayHDRI textures. It also includes the option to automatically convert the texture files to tiled OpenEXR files. The tool can be accessed through the Quad Menu by selecting V-Ray Bitmap to VRayHDRI converter 



UI Path: ||Quad Menu|| > V-Ray Bitmap to VRayHDRI converter




Converter Window

Once the VRay Bitmap to HDRI Converter has been selected from the Quad Menu, the converter window will appear.




Convert bitmaps to tiled EXR – When enabled, the converter script will automatically invoke V-Ray's img2tiledexr tool to convert non-EXR textures to the tiled OpenEXR format. Afterwards, all Bitmap maps within the scene will be replaced with VRayHDRI maps. If the option is disabled, the original bitmap files will be used with the VRayHDRI maps.

Convert All scene Objects' Bitmap texmaps to VRayHDRI texmap – When disabled, the tool will convert bitmaps to VRayHDRI found in materials, modifiers, environment and Render setup. When enabled, also converts all Bitmap maps found in Cameras, Lights and V-Ray geometry (and some 3rd party geometry like ForestPro and Ornatrix) to VRayHDRI maps as well. 


  • It is generally a good practice to save the scene before running the converter and to verify that everything is converted correctly afterwards.
  • In certain lighting conditions or when using certain global illumination solutions, the render start up times can be improved by using the VRayHDRI map to load all textures.
  • If the command is missing from the quad menu, It can be added by pressing the V-Ray menu registration button found on the right side of the V-Ray Toolbar. Alternatively it can be done with MaxScript using the command registerVRayMenus() as described on the Menu Integration page.