This page provides information on the V-Ray tab when V-Ray is used as the production renderer.


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The settings under the V-Ray tab in the Render Setup window control the image sampler, and include customizable settings for camera, environment, VFB settings. The V-Ray tab is available in the Render Setup window when V-Ray Adv is selected as the Renderer.



UI Path: ||Render Setup window|| > V-Ray tab





The V-Ray tab consists of several rollouts:

  • Authorization - View and edit license server information.
  • About V-Ray - Displays the V-Ray version number and options to change the Feedback Program settings.
  • Frame Buffer - Settings for the V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB).
  • Global Switches - Global settings and overrides.
  • Image Sampler (Antialiasing) - Sets the method for sampling subpixel colors to determine the best color for each pixel in the final rendering.
  • Image Filter - Sets the method for sharpening or blurring over adjacent pixels.
  • Progressive Image Sampler - Available only when the image sampler Type is set to Progressive.
  • Bucket Image Sampler - Available only when the image sampler Type is set to Bucket.
  • Global DMC - Settings for rendering blurry effects such as motion blur and glossy reflections.
  • Environment - Specify colors and texture maps to be used during GI and reflection/refraction calculations.
  • Color Mapping - Shifts colors for displays, for non-linear workflows, or specialty workflows.
  • Camera - Settings for camera projection, motion blur, and depth of field.

Note: When V-Ray RT is selected as the Renderer, these same rollouts appear under the V-Ray RT tab.