This page describes information on VRayObjectProperties Set as created through the Hypershade window.


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Object Properties define certain parameters regarding how an object renders in a scene. In addition to the overall settings in the Render Settings dialog which are global for the scene, you can set different render settings on a per-object basis through Object Properties. Some of those properties (primary and secondary visibility, visibility to camera etc) are accessible through the VRayObjectProperties node, which can also be created through the Hypershade as well as through the Create menu in the main Maya interface.

For more in depth information regarding Object Properties, see the VRayObjectProperties page.



UI Paths:

||Select object(s)|| > V-Ray Shelf > Right-click Apply single/multiple object properties nodes to selection

 ||Create Render Node|| > VRay section > Utilities > VRay Object Properties

||Hypershade|| > Create panel > VRay section > Utilities > VRay Object Properties




When an Object Properties set is created through the Hypershade, it appears in the Outliner or Set Editor, just as if the Object Properties were created through the main Maya UI, and is exactly the same node. Object membership may be managed easily through either the Outliner or Set Editor windows in Maya.