This page provides general information and links about the V-Ray Volumetric Grid.


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A Volumetric Grid is a special kind of volumetric effect that works with grid-based cache formats. Compare with Environment Fog, which is a general purpose volumetric shader. The Volumetric Grid reads its data from an input file which supports grid-based representation of the volume. In addition to volumetric rendering, VRayVolumeGrid also supports isosurface rendering and meshing.

Creation of a VRayVolumeGrid does not create a visible grid or object in the scene. The VRayVolumeGrid node can be accessed through the Outliner to display its parameters in the Attribute Editor.

Currently, VRayVolumeGrid supports three volume formats:

  • OpenVDB  (.vdb) - Supported by Houdini® and RealFlow®
  • Field3D  (.f3d) - Supported by FumeFX® and Maya® (using 3rd party plugins)
  • PhoenixFD (.aur) - Phoenix FD® native volume format




UI Paths:

||V-Ray Shelf|| > Create VRay Volume Grid

 Create > V-Ray > Create VRayVolumeGrid



The creation and use of the V-Ray Volumetric Grid are covered in more detail in these pages:

  • Volumetric Grid Parameters contains information about the different rollouts found in the Volume Grid, including extra parameters that can be added to the Volume Grid node.
  • Volumetric Grid Rendering is an information page about distributed rendering and render settings with FumeFX.