.obj and .ply to .vrmesh Converter Overview

This is a command-line utility that can be used to convert .ply, .obj and .geo files to .vrmesh files for rendering by V-Ray through a VRayProxy. The utility can be found in the V-Ray Standalone distribution that ships with your copy of V-Ray for Softimage.


> ply2vrmesh <inputFile> <outputFile>

This converts the given .ply.obj or .geo file and writes it to the given .vrmesh file. Note that you must specify the file extension, it will not be added automatically.

There are also additional options that you can specify; run the ply2vrmesh program without any parameters to see the description of these options. 


  • The converter understands most of the popular .ply formats, both ASCII and binary, big-endian or little-endian.
  • In addition to the geometric data (faces and vertices), the converter recognizes some of the most common additional channels like diffuse surface color. Vertex colors are recognized if they are specified as "red", "green" and "blue" or "diffuse_red", "diffuse_green" and "diffuse_blue" vertex properties. In 3ds Max, those can be visualized by applying a Vertex Color texture in the diffuse slot of the corresponding VRayProxy object.