Official release

Date – 21 Feb, 2018

Download – Build 4.02.02


New Features


  • Add a button to transfer auto-exposure and/or auto-white balance to scene cameras
  • Add MAXScript functions to start and stop IPR with V-Ray GPU
  • Added Italian tooltip translation
  • Cryptomatte support for DWA compressed OpenEXR files


  • Add support for adaptive dome light
  • Add support for volumetric rendering
  • Support for BRDF mode of VRayGLSL's PTX backend
  • Re-organized the UI options


  • Add option to disable VFB resizing on image load

V-Ray Light Lister

  • Add control for VRayLights type


  • Integrated the NVIDIA AI denoiser as an alternative denoising engine


  • Support XForm modifiers in Volumetric render mode

Modified Features


  • Fixed NaNs when sampling texmaps after Beta 1
  • Remove the Photon Map GI engine from the UI
  • Remove from UI the prepass and object-based multiple scattering options from VRayFastSSS2
  • Make the automatic switch to effectResult channel optional
  • Update Alembic to 1.7.5
  • Use Visual Studio 2017 builds for all versions of 3ds Max
  • When rendering spherical cameras, the z-depth channel for deep OpenEXR images should be the distance from the camera

  • Changes to the auto-exposure options should be updated during IPR


  • Remove ActiveShade rendering mode, IPR is to be used for interactive previews
  • Support for camera movement in VRayVelocity Render Element
  • Improve animation export times
  • Do not show render error messages forever
  • Change defaults in V-Ray GPU in Max to 5000 samples and 0.01 noise threshold
  • VRayFur does not update in animation
  • Scenes with unavailable network assets export very slow

V-Ray/V-Ray GPU

  • Unified installation paths, added versions to the shortcut names, updated environment variables names

.vrscene export

  • Show a floating progress bar during scene export


  • Switch the VFB to 3ds Max Qt instead of wxWidgets


  • Added export of the instantiated plugins for V-Ray GPU


  • Improved adaptive dome light sampling


  • Removed from the UI


  • Add shader fingerprint validation


  • Multi-threaded *.aur cache import
  • VRayVolumeGrid: Merged the OpenVDB DLL into the VRayVolumeGrid plugin
  • Speed up rendering of scenes with VRayVolumeGrids in volumetric mode in 3ds Max
  • Resolve environment variables in VRayVolumeGrid paths during rendering rather than during export

V-Ray scene converter

  • Fixed "Highlight glossiness" handling when converting to VRayMtl material

  • Add option to convert cameras to V-Ray Physical camera

  • Convert 3ds Max Light Meters to VRayLightMeter


  • Detect opaque or monochrome images in the img2tiledexr tool


  • Improved the GUI when started without parameters

  • The denoiser tool should preserve metadata in the output file


Bug Fixes


  • Artifacts appear with irradiance map and light cache with adaptive dome light
  • Auto exposure produces black output with small regions
  • Changing the "Renderable" object property of an object is not updated in IPR
  • Crash when calculating light cache in scenes with Forest Colour texture with multiple maps
  • Crash when rendering a scene with matte reflections
  • Crash when baking textures with Motion Blur
  • Crash with XRef scenes and IP
  • Displaced geometry normals are incorrect during light cache calculation
  • Render to texture overrides elements with black outputs when disabled
  • MAXScript auto-load script error with 3dsMax2018.4
  • Noisy glossy refraction with BF\LC and Retrace turned on in the attached scene
  • Physical camera exposure controls are applied when have V-Ray Physical camera with Exposure enabled
  • RGBA elements in multichannel EXR files are not loaded properly
  • Subimage name for "beauty" subimage in multipart EXR just an empty string, set to "rgba"
  • Specific scene with relatively long faces renders slower with Embree
  • The exit color for refraction is not working with old scenes
  • Update GLSL shader examples to use the new style of passing uniform textures
  • V-Ray Cloud submission dialog issues with HiDPI monitors
  • Very high memory usage with out-of-process rendering on nearly empty scene
  • VRayLightSelect produces black pixels with glossy materials with black fog color


  • 3ds max crashes to desktop when VRayScannedMtl is reloaded during IPR rendering
  • Some crashes with VRayVRmatMtl in certain scenarios with VRayScene


  • Additional bump through VRayBumpMtl is not working with VRayScannedMtl
  • Alpha values above 1 with VRayEnvironmentFog and Dome VRayLight (affect alpha)
  • Artifacts with scaled VRayLight
  • Bug with alpha channel on VRScan displacement
  • Crash in specific scene with complex material setup
  • Crash on the second render with specific scene with mip-mapped textures
  • Crash with subdivision displacement
  • Crashes with VRayFur with motion blur
  • Crash when Hair Texture uses "Distance Along Strand Absolute" with V-Ray Fur
  • Crash when resizing the VFB in IPR hybrid rendering mode
  • Crash with VRayMultiSubTex with Gradient Ramp
  • Crash when copying displaced geometry
  • Crash with a heavy scene
  • Directional double-sided VRayLights light distribution is not even with VRayEnvironmentFog
  • Difference when rendering VRayBlendMtl with Additive (shellac) mode enabled
  • Different render of VRayNormalMap
  • Export for EXR settings (Option RE)
  • Investigate an issue with GPU Displacement in a specific scene
  • Memory leak with animation and geometry with modifiers
  • Missing reflections on refractive VRayMtl with fog color different than (255, 255, 255) and VRayEnvironmentFog gizmo
  •  Multi/Sub-object material applied to Node with hairs renders black
  • Object is rendered grey, without applied material
  • Production render sequence output is saved twice
  • Reduce VRayProxy print SD tree info in the log based on the verbosity level
  • Tiling factor of VRayScannedMtl is not respected
  • Unhandled exception with specific VRayVRmatMtls
  • V-Ray exposure control is not working with Physical Camera
  • VRayEnvironmentFog doesn't render properly in GPU when scatter GI is used
  • Wrong shadows in a scene with proxies with transparent materials


  • The Distance Blend mode of the VRayFalloff texture doesn't work


  • Crash when opening certain EXR images with ROI
  • If the scene name is too long to fit in History Details, all other lines of text are not displayed
  • V-Ray GPU rendering statistics appear skewed after render stop


  • Wrong lighting for Fur objects inside clipped geometry


  • Excluded object affects rendering of objects with inverted normals after Beta 1


  • Crash with enabled tessellation and motion blur

  • Crash if fur is applied to non-geometry objects


  • Blurred textures with scaled UV coordinates with V-Ray GPU
  • Enabling and then disabling the Quick Shader disables the preview of the material and makes it render black
  • Parameters without loaded values in a specific scene cause crash with V-Ray GPU
  • VRayLight

  • Mesh light does not respect geometry flipping in V-Ray GPU


  • Very slow rendering of hairs with opacity


  • Crash with enabled Abbe number and Full mode VRayLightSelect
  • Fog color is ignored if VRayDisplacementMod is present


  • MDL assets are not transferred to DR slaves
  • Message boxes are shown in quiet mode
  • Subsurface absorption issues


  • Color bleeding on the UV space edges with disabled tiling


  • Wrong particles animation when .vrscene is exported with frame range


  • Plane type light from X-Ref scene saved with earlier version is loaded half size after Beta 1


  • Crash after using Make unique operation on VRayVolumeGrid instances
  • Crash on render after deleting an instance
  • Crash when cloning (shift + click with the move tool)
  • Crash when setting a VRayVolumeGrid as a Clipper mesh
  • No scene shadows if Visible to Camera is disabled in Volumetric Geometry mode
  • Fire/Smoke in Volumetric Geometry mode does not render at all when Min Visible Opacity is set to 0.0


  • Crash when rendering with full light select


  •  No OpenEXR extra metadata is written


  • Crash with unsupported OSL widgets for certain types of tweaks


  • Automatic vertical tilt is not updated during animation
  • Environment and effects exposure control has effect even when not Active


  • Environment and effects exposure control has effect even when not Active
  • Remove Subdivsion parameter


  • Mismatching material indices
  • Incorrect width of the parameters rollout on high DPI displays


  • Crash with third-party geometry plugins
  • V-Ray Toon line dissappears with big FOV camera values


  • Resize the denoiser window on denoising to match the screen resolution

.vrscene export

  • Improve file write times

  • Geometry animation is not exported when Geometry samples are set to 1


  • Option -info does not print "V-Ray information" data