Official release

Date – 13 Dec, 2017

Download – Build 4.02.01


New Features


  • Update the SDK to make greater use of SSE instructions for 3D vector, color and matrix operations
  • Update Embree to version 2.13
  • Add options for auto-exposure and auto white balance in the Camera section of the render settings
  • Add tooltip translation support for various languages
  • Add scripts for the 3ds Max Scene Converter (2017 and newer) for various scene elements to V-Ray ones
  • Add drag-n-drop support for V-Ray asset files onto the 3ds Max window (.vrmesh, .abc, .vrscene, .ies, .aur, .f3d, .vdb, .vrlmap, .vrmap)
  • Require CPU with SSE 4.2 to support SIMD optimizations
  • Show render progress on the Windows taskbar buttons


  • Add support for glossy Fresnel
  • Improved GPU 3D displacement
  • Initial version of GPU dedicated UI (to be further simplified in next versions)
  • Initial support for VRayEnvironmentFog (without textures)
  • Initial support of VRayVolumeGrid (brute force probabilistic volume sampling only)
  • Initial support for VRscans (VRayScannedMtl)
  • Support for Bercon Noise texture
  • Support for DoF with pinhole camera


  • New adaptive dome light option to help speed up rendering of interior scenes and IBL in general (work in progress)


  • Implement initial version of a new hair shader with melanin color control


  • Ability to denoise multiple render elements in a single pass (also added denoising on/off in various other REs)


  • Ability to manage include paths through MAXScript
  • Support for UTF-8 resource file paths


  • Add a texmap slot for the GGX GTR tail falloff


  • Allow adding shader include paths from UI


  • Initial implementation of VRayPluginNode material and texture


  • Modifiers applied to VRayProxy objects are rendered correctly (the proxy is converted to a regular mesh)


  • Per-pixel render time information render element (bucket sampler only)


  • Add triplanar mapping option


  • Add switch material for selecting sub-materials based on a texmap value


  • Integrate new velocity-based grid interpolation method


  • Implement GUI for use without command-line parameters


  • Add the deep reader and converter for .vrst files to V-Ray for 3ds max and Nuke installations

Modified Features


  • Simplify code at key points by removing stale parts and avoid wasting time on branches
  • Better render time estimation for progressive sampling
  • Optimize the use of DR servers (early free servers at the end of a render so that they can join other jobs)
  • Reduce the number of samples in the light cache
  • Optimize intersection calculations with SIMD where possible
  • Faster calculation of surface normals for 3D displacement
  • Allow licenses with the server to be accessed through a network proxy
  • Remove the "Show GI Only" option from the render settings as it's obsoleted by the VRayGlobalIllumination render element
  • Print a warning if a node has different shadow and GI visibility flags as this causes artifacts with the adaptive dome light


  • Support for material IDs higher than 255 in the 3ds Max Multi/Sub-object material
  • Faster VRayDirt & rounded corners in some cases
  • Support for VRayDirt "Consider same object only"
  • Better sampling of rectangle and mesh lights in some cases
  • Better sampling of glossy materials
  • Optimize GPU displacement/subdivision compile times
  • Improve normal mapping in procedural maps
  • Broadcast 3ds Max rendering notifications during production rendering
  • Export Ornatrix and HairFarm instances emitted by VRayInstancer

.vrscene export

  • Add export times for various scene objects (i.e. Nodes/Nodes' meshes/Materials/Texmaps)
  • Export for VRayNoiseLevel render element
  • Export the Cryptomatte render elements
  • When exporting animations to vrscene and motion blur is OFF, export at exact frame times


  • Ability to load as background OpenEXR images with data window
  • Auto-fit for A/B images with different resolutions
  • Save 3ds Max scene path to history and add option to load the scene from the VFB history right-click context menu
  • Support for gamma 2.2 color correction in the VFB history


  • Optimize memory usage for opaque and monochrome bitmaps (work in progress)


  • Faster rendering of glass materials with diffuse components
  • Add "Compensate camera exposure" for Self-illumination
  • Remove the highlight glossiness parameter and the lock button


  • Reintroduce the V-Ray physical camera and update its UI


  • Optimize both viewport preview and rendering speeds


  • Ability to instance Ornatrix and HairFarm objects


  • Add dynamic tessellation option


  • Change range of GLSL/OSL anisotropy rotation parameter of GGX BRDF


  • Add option to specify the actual light power of the source, instead of using the prescribed power from the IES profile


  • Change the Half-Length/Half-Width options to Length/Width for Plane light


  • Add a random seed parameter
  • Add option for the VRayMultiSubTex texture to cycle through the textures


  • Add support for "boolean" widgets
  • Make widget types case-insensitive
  • vMaterials autodetection
  • Improve anisotropy precision


  • Possibility to use shader names with MtlMulti/GeomStaticMesh


  • Ability to horizontally or vertically stretch and flip the selection in curve controls
  • Implement stronger Approximate Scattering for brighter regions and lower scattering for the darker regions of the same volume
  • Improve temperature interpolation using the Precise Tracing method
  • Flickering when rendering Smoke Color based on a gradient with varying data range with Approximate Scattering
  • Option to control the minimum visible voxel opacity for the volumetric shader
  • Option to disable preview cache load during simulation or when not rendering
  • Rename Cache Start to Cache Origin and Play Start to Timeline Origin
  • Render negative Fire from caches imported from FumeFX

V-Ray scene converter

  • Add conversion from Autodesk Bitmap to VRayHDRI

V-Ray .vrmat converter

  • Add partial support for VRayLightMtl


  • Skip @subdivGeometry and @displaced in vrscene files with and directly convert the linked static mesh


  • Ability to denoise multiple render elements in a single pass

Bug Fixes


  • 3ds max Physical camera is not moving when MB samples are set to 2
  • Caustics on motion-blurred objects may be blurred incorrectly
  • Continuous reactivation of pixels at the end of the rendering with progressive sampling
  • Crash after exporting .vrmesh with a frozen geometry for preview mesh
  • Crash with matte objects, render elements and affect all channels for reflection
  • Improve Light cache saving on network locations
  • DR render client ignores server anouncement broadcast when host is added as
  • Embree generates artifacts in specific scenes
  • Random Hair&Fur strands render with the diffuse color instead of the plugged gradient or gradient ramp in that slot
  • Stuck render with one core at 100%
  • Unhandled exception error when camera motion blur is enabled in specific scene


  • 3ds max crashes to desktop when VRayScannedMtl is reloaded during IPR rendering
  • Some crashes with VRayVRmatMtl in certain scenarios with VRayScene


  • Animatable parameters for VRayGLSL, VRayMDL and VRayOSL
  • Animated radius of sphere light is not exported for VRayLight
  • Artifacts in VRayLighting render element with Aerial perspective and Highlight burn below 1.0
  • Artifacts with denoiser and VRayStochasticFlakesMtl
  • Black color applied instead of diffuse when VRayHDRI tag tiled image is not found
  • CUDA error 716 on a scene with Velocity render element and spherical VRayLight
  • CUDA error 719 with specific scene with VRayClipper
  • Changing the verbose level of V-Ray log is evaluated only with launching a production render
  • Crash with Bercon Noise in displacement with two or more devices
  • Crash with mapped opacity and on-demand textures with 382 drivers
  • Crash with on-demand textures
  • Crash when hiding/unhiding geometry while rendering
  • Crash when turning on and off a rect/mesh Light
  • Crash when rendering backwards sequence
  • Crash when tweaking values in Output
  • Different rendering of some of the falloff types in Falloff Map
  • Displacement is not disabled from the Global switches in production rendering mode
  • Displacement subdivides the geometry more than it should when Physical camera is used
  • Exception after moving a VRayTriplanarTex with VRayNormalMap from bump slot to another
  • Exception with MultiTexture in VRayLight
  • Exposure is not updated when switching between cameras
  • Flickering in animation with 3ds Max animated Noise modifier
  • Material fog bias with ActiveShade rendering
  • Memory leaks with animation and geometry with modifiers
  • Missing reflections on VRayBlendMtl with reflective base material, non-reflective coat material and additive mode
  • NaNs in Light select render element when using Light cache
  • Out-of-process rendering crashes with simple scenes loaded in the VRayScene node
  • Parented lights in groups don't work in VRayLightSelect render element
  • Problems with Fit resolution to VFB and changing the Max resolution during ActiveShade
  • Scene with particles crashes when scrubbing the time slider during ActiveShade
  • The viewport representation of Body objects (CAD) is rendered during ActiveShade
  • Unhandled exception when rendering a sequence with a VRayVRmatMtl
  • UV tiling breaks if there is Output node between VRayHDRI and VRayColor2Bump
  • VRayDirt "affect alpha" option not supported
  • VRayMDL is not updated in ActiveShade when the file in attached VRayHDRI is changed
  • VRayMDL is rendered black out-of-process
  • VRayMtl opacity not working with image sequence
  • VRayStereoscopic helper is not working
  • VRayTriplanarTex for bump doesn't respect UVW scale
  • Wrong result with VRayStereoscopic camera when Override FOV is enabled
  • Wrong anisotropy effect in specific scene
  • Wrong progress information for Light cache calculation

V-Ray Standalone

  • Crashes with specific scene with MDL materials and Scanned materials


  • A/B comparison distorts the images when panning
  • Inconsistent message when the History Directory path is empty
  • Occasional crash when closing 3ds Max with VFB A/B compare enabled


  • Clipping geometry shows up with ambient occlusion


  • Broken geometry edges at UV-borders
  • Crash when rendering animation with subdivision displacement


  • Parameters are not updated in the UI lately when color mode is set to "Scatter coefficient + Fog color"


  • Add support for objects with Ornatrix/Hairfarm hairs
  • Different instances rotations with PRT Source objects for source particles


  • Mesh light does not respect geometry flipping in V-Ray GPU


  • Direct illumination enabled doesn't produce correct results when illuminating Standard material


  • Crash with enabled Abbe number and Full mode VRayLightSelect
  • Fog color is ignored if VRayDisplacementMod is present


  • MDL assets are not transferred to DR slaves
  • Message boxes are shown in quiet mode
  • Subsurface absorption issues


  • Crash when loading a file after the preview cache had been enabled and 3ds Max was reset
  • Hair and particles are not displayed in viewport after their preview is cached
  • Reads mesh files even when they are cached
  • Viewport preview is not affected when a new scale factor is set after the preview has already been cached


  • Artifacts when rendering with Light cache on specific scene
  • All maps (paint, filter, ior, etc.) are not affected by the parallax displacement
  • Constant increase of the consumed memory during the rendering of certain material
  • Crash when using UV adjustment with certain object
  • Edge displacement appears inclined when the UV tilling multipliers do not match exactly the sample aspect
  • Edge displacement does not produce equal result in all ray directions
  • Geometry with smooth or shell modifier produces holes behind the displaced edges
  • Renders black when seen through the translucency texmap of VRay2SidedMtl
  • Viewport preview of the VRScan does not match the render
  • VRscans materials slow down the viewport animation
  • When no UV mapping is present, the light cache cannot sample the material


  • Is always applied on VRayLights


  • "fire_opacity_mode" parameter isn't exported to vrscenes
  • After loading a cache, CPU usage remains high on machines with many threads
  • Artifacts when rendering overlapping containers in Volumetric Geometry mode
  • Crash when rendering a simulator without a cache with Velocity render element enabled
  • Crash when rendering in Mesh mode with Surface channel set to Texture
  • Crash when rendering converted grid to Editable poly
  • Crash when Rendering->Surface Channel is set to Texture and Mesh Preview is enabled
  • Errors when saving and loading presets
  • Frame offset in Loop mode between Phoenix and V-Ray Volume grid
  • Keyed Playback Mode parameter doesn't render as expected during sequence render
  • Loop overlap only works when load nearest if missing is enabled
  • Sequence render with V-Ray and Fire Lights keeps showing the lights after the cache sequence ends
  • Missing RGB for Liquids on some frames when using Play Speed less than 1.0 and the Velocity method
  • No confirmation box when overwriting presets
  • Warning about using local machine Input path for distributed rendering even if the path is UNC but starts with forward slashes

V-Ray Light Lister

  • Disable subdivisions of the lights when Use Local subdivs is unticked


  • Crash with specific nodes from vrscenes with applying both velocity and transformations


  • Crash if an incomplete or broken file is passed
  • The denoiser tool crashes when the input images are non OpenEXR or vrimg