This page provides information on the Bump to Normal Map.

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VRayBump2Normal is a V-Ray utility texture that derives a normal map from a bump map texture. It can be useful when combined with relief mapping plugins.



UI Path


||Material Editor window|| > Material/Map Browser > Maps > V-Ray > VRayBump2Normal



bump map – A slot to load the bump map that you want to convert to a normal map. 

bump map mult A multiplier that controls the strength of the bump effect.

mode – Specifies the type of normal map to create.

Tangent space – Creates a normal map in tangent space.
Local XYZ – Creates a normal map in object space.
Screen space – Creates a normal map in screen space.
World space – Creates a normal map in world space.

map channel – Specifies the map channel to which the normal map will be created.