This page provides information on the Particle Instancer.


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The VRayInstancer plugin allows to create instances of other objects over the particles from a ParticleFlow system. The source code for the VRayInstancer plugin is included with the V-Ray SDK. In comparison to the Particle Flow itself, which can only work with mesh objects, the VRayInstancer can instance any renderable object, including VRayProxy, hair, displaced objects, Alembic files with other particles (through VRayProxy) etc.


UI Paths



||Create menu|| > V-Ray > V-Ray Instancer

||Create panel|| > Geometry > VRay category > VRayInstancer


Instance mode – Specifies how particles will be associated with one of the source objects.

Cycle – The first particle is assigned the first source object, the second particle - the second object etc., with the source objects list wrapping back to the beginning.
Random – Each particle is randomly assigned a source object based on its particle ID.
By particleInteger – Source objects are assigned based on the .particleInteger value of each Particle Flow particle. This value can be customly scripted in the Particle Flow system.

Source objects – A list of source objects that will be instanced over the particle system. The way source objects are associated with particles is controlled by the Instance mode parameter.

Particles – A list of particle systems that will be used to create the instances.


Particle Flow Parameters

All Particle Flow Events – When enabled, all particle flow events of the particle systems specified in the Particles list are used. When disabled, VRayInstancer will only consider the events specified in the Particle Flow Events list for generating instances.

Add/Remove – Use the two buttons to add or remove particle flow events from this list.



Icon text – When enabled, shows the VRayInstancer icon text in the viewport.

Random seed – When the Instance mode is set to Random, this parameter allows the user to change the seed used for the random distribution.

Render % – Allows the user to render only a portion of the instanced geometry. The number of rendered instances is determined as a percentage of the total instances.

Override node properties – Enabling this option allows global override of the object properties of the instances by the properties specified in VRayInstancer.

Multithreaded – An experimental option to use multithreaded generation of the instanced meshes.



  • VRayInstancer uses the materials assigned to the instanced geometry, unless a material is specified in the Particle Flow system. In that case the particles' material is applied. This feature is not yet available with V-Ray GPU.