This page provides information on the Particle Map.


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The Particle Map is a utility node that provides particle-based shading. It does not have any adjustable parameters. It is used in two types of setups:

  • When used as a map in a material assigned to VRayProxy when alembic particles are present in the specified mesh file it returns the color from the .color channel of the particles.
  • When used as a map in a material assigned to VRayMetaball surface, VRayParticleTex returns the color(s) defined by a Particle Flow operator. The VRayMetaball color source option defines which operator will that be (Display, VRayParticleColor or a scripted vector).


UI Path


||Material Editor window|| > Material/Map Browser > Maps > V-Ray > VRayParticleTex


VRayParticleTex can be used in any map slot of the V-Ray Material applied to a V-Ray Metaball surface. Its blended color will relate to the color set in the original particles. For more information on Metaballs, please see the Metaballs and Iso-Surfaces page.


Example of VRayParticleTex used in Diffuse map slot of VRayMtl
and applied to Metaballs