Date – 22 May, 2018

Download – Build 4.02.04

Complete changelog - V-Ray Next






Adaptive Dome Light

The new Adaptive Dome Light uses the Light Cache calculation phase to selectively sample only the important areas of the dome light.
Rendering is up to 7x faster and Skylight Portals are no longer needed.

Find out more at the Dome Light page.


Point & Shoot Camera

The Automatic Exposure and Automatic White Balance in V-Ray Next will adjust automatically to produce the best result while you enjoy the artistic freedom to focus on depth of field and motion blur effects.

Find out more at the Camera page.



2x Faster GPU Rendering

Fast new GPU rendering architecture with support for more high-end production features.


GPU Volume Rendering

V-Ray GPU now supports blazing fast rendering of volumetric effects like smoke, fire and fog.


NVIDIA AI Denoiser

Instantly remove noise while rendering, using NVIDIA's AI-accelerated denoising technology.

Find out more at the VRayDenoiser page.


Lighting Analysis

Accurately measure the light levels in your scene using our new lighting analysis tools.

Find out more at the VRayLightMeter and VRayLightingAnalysis pages.


Physical Hair Material

Render more realistic-looking hair with accurate highlights and melanin color controls.


Find out more at the VRayHairNextMtl page.


V-Ray Switch Material

Apply several materials to the same object and render the material of choice.

Find out more at the VRaySwitchMtl page.


V-Ray Plugin Material & Texture

Load any V-Ray Standalone texture or material in the 3ds Max material editor and render it in V-Ray Next.

Find out more at the VRayPluginNodeMtl and VRayPluginNodeTex.


Denoised Render Elements

Denoise individual render elements for added control in compositing. Animation support included.


Layered Alembic Workflows

Supports Alembic 1.7 and layers for efficient handling and updating of Alembic data.


New V-Ray SDK

V-Ray's core rendering engine has been optimized for extra speed and added flexibility.


Localized Tooltips

Tooltips now available in multiple languages: Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.



New utility checks your scene to see if it's ready to render on the cloud with Linux and V-Ray Standalone.



A new parameter in the VRayMtl allows for PBR workflows.

Find out more at the VRayMtl page.


Drag and drop support

Drag-n-drop support for V-Ray asset files (.vrmesh, .abc, .vrscene, .ies, .aur, .f3d, .vdb, .vrlmap, .vrmap).