This page provides information on V-Ray Attributes that can be added to standard camera objects.

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The V-Ray Additional Attributes can be added to every Maya standard camera by selecting the shape node of the camera and choosing a set of attributes. This allows the use of V-Ray physical camera capabilities as well as different camera types in a Maya scene.

Physical Camera attributes include Depth of Field, Motion Blur, Shutter Speed and Aperture, Lens Distortions and more.

Camera Settings include changing the camera from a standard pin hole camera to a number of different types such as a spherical camera, fish eye, orthogonal, and more.


Image courtesy of Erwin Riau


UI Path


||Select camera|| > Attribute Editor > Attributes menu > VRay > (select attribute set)




Attribute Sets

 The  following attribute sets can be added to a camera:

  • Physical camera – Uses real-world camera parameters like F-stop and focal length to set up the virtual CG camera. This option makes it easier to use light sources with real-world illumination settings such as  VRayLight  with physical units, or  VRaySun  and  VRaySky. See Physical camera Attributes.
  • Camera settings  – Camera Settings Extra Attributes are useful if you wish to have different types of cameras in the same scene. Adding these attributes allows you to override some of the Camera Overrides in the Render Settings window on an individual camera-by-camera basis, such as Field of View (FOV) value and camera type. Camera Types include the Standard pinhole camera, Fish-Eye, Orthographic, Spherical, and so on, giving you greater options in your output.
  • Dome camera  – These attributes treat the Maya camera as a dome camera.
  • Stereoscopic camera  – These added attributes enable a setup where a single camera produces two images per rendering as stereoscopic image output.
  • Shade Map (for stereoscopy) – Shade Map attributes speed up rendering of multiple renderings/passes by saving a shade map with important information about visible shaded points in an initial render. The shade map can then be reused to speed up the rendering of stereoscopic images or images with Depth of Field (DoF). Shade Map Stereoscopy Attributes may only be used when Stereoscopic Camera Attributes are enabled.