This page provides information on V-Ray Attributes that can be added to mesh objects.


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V-Ray Additional Attributes can be added to any mesh  Adding these attributes will add new settings in the Extra VRay Attributes rollout.

UI Path


||Select mesh|| > Attribute Editor > Attributes menu > VRay (select attribute set)




Attribute Sets

The following attribute sets can be added to mesh objects:

  • Subdivision – Attributes for subdividing the object during rendering.
  • Subdivision and Displacement Quality – Quality attributes for dynamically controlling subdivision quality during rendering.
  • Displacement Control – Parameters for controlling displacement from the V-Ray Displacement Node.
  • OpenSubdiv – Subdivision attributes using the OpenSubdiv Library.
  • Round Edges – Object attributes that utilize bump mapping to smooth hard edges during rendering. Applied to polygonal mesh objects or shading groups.
  • User Attributes – Specifies attributes for use with User-Defined Maps and File Nodes.
  • Object ID – Specifies an object ID for use with other features such as the Multi Matte Render Element.
  • Fog Fade Out Radius – Specifies the per-object fall off radius when a polygonal object is for an environment volume.
  • Local Ray Server – Enables view-dependent instancing for use with Subdivision and Displacement.
  • Scene Assembly – Enables mesh rendering when used in Maya's Scene Assembly.