This page provides information on the OpenSubdiv attribute set that can be added to meshes.


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The OpenSubdiv group of attributes allows a mesh to be subdivided using the OpenSubdiv library. The main advantage of OpenSubdiv is support for creases. A disadvantage is that OpenSubdiv subdivision is currently uniform and not view-dependent, in contrast to the regular V-Ray subdivision.

UI Path


||Select mesh|| > Attribute Editor > Attributes menu > VRay > OpenSubdiv



OpenSubdiv Attributes

Render as OpenSubdiv surface – When enabled, the object will be subdivided before rendering using the OpenSubdiv library.

Osd Depth – The number of subdivision levels.

Osd Type – The type of subdivision used. Two types are currently supported by the OpenSubdiv library:

Catmull-Clark – The default subdivision method which can handle meshes with arbitrary polygons (triangles, quads etc);
Loop – This subdivision method works with triangles only.

Osd Preserve Map Borders – Specifies how to handle subdivisions of UV coordinates at UV seams when Osd Subdivide UVs is enabled. The possible values are:

None – UVs are always subdivided regardless of whether they are on a UV seam or not;
Internal – Only preserve UVs if they are on an internal UV seam;
All – Does not subdivide UVs on UV seams.

Osd Subdivide UVsAllows you to choose whether or not the UVs of the object will be subdivided at the borders.

Osd Preserve geometry borders – Specifies whether geometry borders are preserved or not.



 Add to node:

vray addAttributesFromGroup "pSphereShape1" "vray_opensubdiv" 1;




Official web site of Pixar's OpenSubdiv library:




  • Color Sets are supported on objects that have openSubdiv attributes from V-Ray 3.3