This page provides information on the Import V-Ray material from vrscene dialog.

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The V-Ray Material Importer tool is used to import any V-Ray material exported from a .vrscene file into Maya. If importing from a supported vrscene file (one created in Maya), the parameters and settings are still available and adjustable as opposed to using a VRmat Material. Importing vrscene files from other applications may not support all parameters and settings and therefore are brought in as plugin node material versions.


UI Paths



||V-Ray Shelf|| > Import V-Ray material from file button




||Create menu|| > V-Ray > Import V-Ray material from file




Interface and Parameters




File – Shows the filename and path of the vrscene file selected for import.

(Open/Browse window) – Traditional folder icon button used to select the vrscene file to load into the importer window.

Materials – A list of all V-Ray materials found in the loaded vrscene file that can be imported.

Duplicate Materials – Additional copies of selected materials will be imported into the scene if they already exist.

No Duplicate – If a selected material is already present in the scene, an additional copy will not be imported. Only new materials to the scene will be imported with this option.

Select All button – Highlights all materials listed in the Materials section of the importer window.

Import button – Activates the importing process to bring in selected materials.



  • If the material inside the vrscene file is unsupported by the importer, the material will be imported with its "material from plugin" equivalent.
    Examples: If a VRayMtl is imported from a vrscene exported from 3DS Max, it will be unsupported and it will be imported as BRDFVRayMtl. If a VRayMtl is imported from a vrscene exported from Maya, it will be imported as the same VRayMtl, because it is supported by the material importer.