Official Release

Date – Aug 02, 2018

Download – Build 4.03.02


New features


  • GPU-specific VRayMtl UI
  • GPU-specific render settings UI
  • Hide subdivs and cutoff parameters for lights, materials and textures when using GPU
  • Support for user attributes for use in bitmap paths
  • Maya lookdev nodes support in V-Ray GPU
  • Opacity support for VRayLightMtl


  • Added a separate V-Ray menu in Maya
  • Added support for color choice texture


  • Added glints in VRayHairNextMtl


  • Viewport 2.0 drawing


  • Added per-material toon outline control
  • Added separate control over internal edges


  • Added a toon texture highlight option
  • Added highlight shape presets

Viewport 2.0/VRayMtl

  • Added support for metalness in VRayMtl viewport preview



Modified features

V-Ray DR

  • Added VRAY_DR_SOCKET_SEND_TIMEOUT environmental variable to control timeout in DR


  • Optimized memory usage of motion-blurred geometry
  • Sped up loading of textures
  • Warn the user if the settings used for production rendering are going to underutilize the GPU

V-Ray Swarm

  • Initial implementation of Swarm functionality in Maya


  • Optimized speed and memory usage of lens effects


  • Deprecated Cuda engine on macOS and removed it from the UI
  • Deprecated OpenCL engine and removed it from the UI
  • Hide the subdivs controls in the light lister UI when use local subdivs is disabled
  • Improve VFB drawing performance
  • Optimized elliptical filtering speed with tiled textures
  • Optimized export of float to color


  • Added Use Roughness to the lookdev template for VRayMtl


  • Reintroduced OSL support for Linux
  • Reintroduced OSL support for macOS


  • Improved stability in parallel mode



Bug fixes


  • Fixed Material Viewer not rendering V-Ray materials with the background turned off
  • Fixed camera projection with overscan
  • Fixed crash when opening a scene that references another scene with instanced V-Ray lights
  • Fixed fatal error with GPU IPR
  • Fixed switching between layers causing the intensity multiplier to be scaled
  • Fixed wrong GPU settings when exporting to vrscene
  • Fixed wrong license error reporting with unreachable network
  • Light linking with adaptive lights rendered wrong in some cases
  • Now outputting errors for wrong syntax in vrayconfig.xml


  • Fixed Cryptomatte not working in material mode when "Allow negative shader collors" is off

Lens analyzer

  • Fixed crash when analyzing a photo manually

V-Ray DR

  • Fixed crash when switching between IPR and production
  • Fixed Maya crash with DR on early abort
  • Fixed crash when stopping IPR in DR while animation is running


  • Compiling Kernels will now properly appear in progress bar
  • Fixed 'cache normals' warning when using displacement on GPU
  • Fixed CUDA crash with MDL
  • Fixed Crash when deleting VRayLights in specific cases
  • Fixed Cuda error 700 when attaching a texture to a V-Ray light in IPR
  • Fixed Displacement AutoBump for GPU not producing correct results
  • Fixed crash in GPU init with hair in the scene
  • Fixed crash when deleting heavy geometry in specific scene
  • Fixed incorrect glossiness with GGX BRDF
  • Fixed invisible VRayDomeLight being visible through transparent VRayMtl
  • Fixed random crashes with Cuda on Linux
  • Fixed unexpected render result with non-spherical Dome VRayLight and matte shadows

V-Ray IPR/VRayProxy

  • Fixed changing current frame causing re-export of VRayMeshMaterial


  • Fixed "Error: "Object 'renderViewpopupIprMenu' not found" when stopping IPR
  • Fixed Maya freeze when Viewport IPR has been stopped
  • Fixed crash in IPR when changing materials with hair sampler
  • Fixed stopping the IPR rendering caused Maya to hang in some cases


  • Fixed crash when creating VRayClipper on new Maya session in some cases


  • Fixed not being able to attach textures to float attributes of dynamic nodes


  • Fixed different result from 3.6 with flake scale 0


  • Fixed missing dynamic attributes for materials


  • Fixed a crash with moving proxy meshlight with primary visibility OFF


  • Fixed wrong XGen hair data for motion blur


  • Fixed BRDFVRayMtl in a VRayScene object producing white Reflection Glossiness render element when animation overrides are used

Viewport 2.0/VRayProxy

  • Some proxies were not shaded properly in the viewport