Official Release

Date - Nov 22, 2018

Download - Build 4.04.02

Bug fixes


  • Fixed Deep output not working with fragment merge mode set to "Z-Depth"
  • Fixed Deep output not working correctly with fragment merge mode set to "None"
  • Fixed some UI controls missing on objects from referenced scenes
  • Fixed different result between local and remote machines with certain UV setups in DR


  • Fixed artifacts when rendering displacement with VRay GPU
  • Fixed artifacts with Adaptive Lights
  • Fixed a crash in IPR when changing material in specific cases
  • Fixed some lights not shining when more than 65K objects are present in the scene


  • Fixed slow rendering in isolate selected when dome light is deselected
  • Fixed slow Viewport IPR with distributed rendering
  • Fixed Viewport IPR not working in Maya 2016 Windows OpenGL strict profile
  • Fixed artifacts and partial frames in certain cases when playblasting with Viewport IPR
  • Overscan will no longer break Viewport IPR


  • Fixed rectangle lights with texture and No Decay turned on emitting too much light


  • Fixed a crash when rendering with mayapy with Maya 2015