Official Release

Date - November 26, 2019

Download - Build 4.30.00


New features

 V-Ray GPU

  • Added support for RT cores of NVIDIA RTX cards
  • Introduced light tree for improved sampling on scenes with thousands of lights
  • Support for Deep EXR output
  • Hash map based light cache
  • V-Ray GPU Distance texture support


  • Hash map based light cache
  •  Added support for creases in V-Ray subdivision
  •  Support for Bercon Noise texture


  • Improved Lens Effects with procedural dust and scratches

VRayFastSSS2, VRayAlSurface

  • Added an option to consider all objects for SSS


Modified features


  • Improved alembic import times
  • Improved VRayScene importing times
  • Changed the default values of the Progressive Sampler
  • Added an option to save color corrections to raw .exr and .vrimg files
  • Added "vray gpuDeviceSelect" command
  • Added an API for custom c++ translators controlled by desc.txt
  • Removed the "Use legacy materials" option
  • The Hypershade Material Viewer will now use V-Ray GPU when GPU is the renderer
  • Now checking the version of the installed Chaos License Server during installation
  • Multi-threaded execution of OpenEXR compression and decompression to improve performance
  • Updated Embree to v3.2.0
  • Updated OpenEXR to v2.3.0
  • Optimized rendering of Multi/Sub-Object material
  • Set AlSurface SSS weight max value in the UI at 1
  • Set the default dynamic memory limit to 0
  • Transfer color VFB corrections for Chaos Cloud


  • Added the RTX value for the -rtEngine flag for V-Ray Standalone
  • Added support for efficiently instancing hair on GPU
  • The Gaussian AA filter now available when GPU is the renderer
  • "DR Bucket" render element for V-Ray GPU
  • Improved user-defined shaders (GLSL, MDL etc.) compilation
  • Optimized mesh transfers to multiple devices


  • Moved the VFB test resolution functionality to the fly-out button instead of the right-click menu
  • Added "Save in image" option to OCIO color corrections, to save the corrected image
  • Added sliders for Lens effects' "Intensity" and "Threshold" parameters
  • Read the saved window position only for the initial render and use the last valid position afterwards
  • UI improvements for the VFB Lens Effects panel


  • Added support for explicit texture coordinates for the Texture sampler
  • Do not load caches while the timeline changes during sequence vrscene export or render in Maya
  • Added warning when importing VDB particle caches in Maya versions older than 2018
  • Speed up loading of VDB caches by reading their min-max channel ranges from metadata instead of calculating them

Chaos Cloud

  • Added support for smarter cloud client updates
  • Added Cloud client application to V-Ray for Maya installation


  • AI denoiser will be used for IPR by default


  • Improved errors logging


  • Disabled cryptomatte in IPR;
  • Set the default Cryptomatte mode to "Node name with hierarchy"


  • Improved sampling of directional lights


  • Dome lights are now adaptive by default


  • Implemented bump shadowing


  • Enabled affect shadows by default


  • Removed the Shade Map for Stereoscopy options


  • Added an option to disable lossy DWAA/DWAB compression for a render element


  • The render element should always be saved with lossless compression

Bug fixes


  • Fixed compositing results don't match with matte reflections if "Consistent lighting elements" is enabled;
  • Fixed Matte reflections not rendering with consistent render elements
  • Fixed zDepth render element infinity color
  • Fixed deleting instances in IPR crashes Maya in some cases
  • Fixed Negatively scaled objects exported to proxy with flipped normals
  • Fixed wrong gamma of the colorCorrect lookdev kit node
  •  Fixed Standalone VFB not auto resizing depending on resolution
  •  V-Ray should not append "_tmp" to the filename when exporting for the cloud
  • Fixed V-Ray Standalone Error [createPathImpl] Empty string argument with -imgfile=<filename>
  • Fixed RawReflection RE for AlSurface rendering black if the Reflection RE is not present
  • Fixed random crash after rendering a sequence with V-Ray GPU in Maya
  • Fixed different motion blur between proxy and referenced scene
  • Fixed Material nodes defined in desc.txt wrongly exported as volume shaders
  • Fixed Test resolution disabling resumable rendering in batch mode
  • Fixed Maya fluid texture rendering non-deterministically with GI
  • Fixed overscan for rendered deep EXR images not exported corectly
  • Deleting displaced geometries crashes maya
  • Fixed EXR metadata camera name is <unknown>
  •  Fixed float list in TexRemap '_value' parameters preventing GeomDisplacedMesh from functioning properly
  • Fixed missing metadata from multichannel EXR when rendering in batch mode
  • Fixed matte objects not present in the alpha channel when rendered through refractive objects


  • Fixed Isolate selecting a texture in IPR not respecting the placement
  • Fixed disconnecting image planes not detected in IPR
  • Fixed adding renderable curves to a spline does not refreshing while IPR is running
  • Fixed debug Shading's Isolate Selected mode not working correctly for objects with opacity


  • Fixed wrong UV interpolations in imported .abc hair/fur (via VRayProxy) when Tessellate hair is active
  • Fixed preview for instanced vrscenes
  • Fixed slow proxy export in Batch mode with specific scenes
  • Fixed Proxy visibility lists not loading in specific scenes
  • Fixed Proxy with -noMaterial option not rendered
  • Very slow loading of VRayMesh visibility lists


  • Fixed IPR on multi GPU stoping with CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE
  • Fixed brighter rendering during adaptive light v2 gathering phase
  • Fixed artifacts when using Metalness with Glossy Fresnel
  • Fixed artifacts with VRayALSurface and Adaptive lights v2
  • Fixed bounding box artifacts when rendering a VRayVolumeGrid
  • Fixed crash with hidden faces on subdivided geometry
  • Fixed crash during render with volumetrics
  • Fixed crash on stop during Light cache phase
  • Fixed crash when cancelling the render for scene with lights include/exclude lists
  • Fixed crash when using VRayClipper on an object with material containing VRayCurvature
  • Fixed defocusAmount denoise element not generated with standard cameras
  • Fixed Gaussian image filter not matching the CPU one
  • Fixed hidden edges of VRayEdgesTex always on with VRayProxy
  • Fixed hidden faces being rendered during Light cache preview, creating wrong lighting
  • Fixed Light cache not working with DOF and perspective camera
  • Fixed nested refractive volumes rendering wrong
  • Optimized distance texture for geometry heavy scenes
  • Fixed random crash with tiled bitmaps
  • Fixed unhandled exception when baking texture of a mesh with degenerate UVs
  • Fixed VRayVolumeGrid are not rendering correctly in normals render element
  • V-Ray GPU/VRayAlSurface: Fixed VRayAlSurface with rounded edges rendering wrong on the GPU

  • V-Ray GPU/VRayDomeLight: Fixed artifacts with Adaptive dome when objects are excluded from shadow casting in the light


  • Fixed artifacts when using Adaptive dome light and VRayFur with VRayMtl on it
  • Fixed artifacts with Adaptive dome and VRayToon
  • Fixed artifacts with Adaptive dome light with "affect reflections" disabled
  • Fixed using camera clipping planes makes the dome light invisible
  • V-Ray GPU/VRayDomeLight: Fixed artifacts with Adaptive dome when objects are excluded from shadow casting in the light


  • Fixed certain integer render elements are not displayed when loading EXR files
  • Fixed the scrollbar in the Color Corrections window hiding some of the text
  • Fixed UI not responsive with ICC color correction during IPR with V-Ray GPU

Material importer

  • Fixed BRDFVRayMtl not imported from file as VRayMtl
  • Fixed SamplerInfo Extra V-Ray attributes not importing by the material importer
  • Material importer now remembers the correct path to open when browsing


  • Fixed fatal error with post translate print node settings
  • Fixed Python post translate not working for certain lists


  • Diffuse component should go in it's respective render elements
  • Fixed artifacts in raw render elements with Consistent lighting elements


  • Fixed incorrect toon mtl contribution in light cache


  • Fixed Environment Fog not respecting sets in "Add to shape lights" light mode


  • Fixed car paint material rendering non-deterministically


  • Fixed crash when importing scene with many particles


  • Fixed different specular reflections when rendering directional disc light


  • Crash in microfacet("ggx") when roughness is greater than 0.0


  • Fixed vignetting along concave edges with Light cache and many lights


  • Refractive objects are white regardless of the Affect channels value with V-Ray GPU


  • Fixed SSS not being computed for materials seen through glossy refraction


  • Fixed stochastic flakes not visible through glossy refraction