This page provides some details on the settings available for the Mesh Material used for proxy objects in V-Ray.


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The VRayMeshMtl material is a utility material provided with the V-Ray renderer. It is used to connect shader(s) to a V-Ray proxy.


UI Paths



||Hypershade|| > Create panel > VRay section > VRay Mesh Material

||Create Render Node window|| > VRay section > VRay Mesh Material


||V-Ray Shelf|| > Right-click Create V-Ray Materials button > VRay Mesh Material





This group holds all the different shaders that are attached to the V-Ray Proxy.

Assign shaders by name – When enabled, shaders will be assigned according to their names rather than Object ID's. The option to assign by name is helpful if the .vrmesh/Alembic file is updated on disk with a new revision that sometimes has the objects reordered.

Viewport Color




Viewport color – Allows the user to specify the color which will be used to display the V-Ray Proxy in the Viewport.


Proxy Source




File name  – Specifies the .vrmesh file for the V-Ray Proxy.

Viewport file name – Specifies a .vrmesh file that will be used for viewport preview in place of the actual V-Ray Proxy.

Use full Alembic names – When enabled, the full path to each geometry set in the Alembic file is displayed in the Shaders list.

Instancing –  Enables or disables instancing of Alembic duplicated objects.

Current Frame – The set frame in the time slider.