This page provides information on the V-Ray User-defined Integer Map.


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The VRayUserInteger texture allows the user to read and return a single integer value from the User Attributes of the currently shaded object as a result. This can be useful if the same material or texture is applied to several objects in the scene, but you want to control some of its properties with User-Defined properties.


UI Paths



||Hypershade|| > Create panel > VRay section > Utilities > VRay User Integer

 ||Create Render Node|| > VRay section > Utilities > VRay User Integer







User attribute name – Specifies the name of the user attribute that is looked up and returned from this utility node.

Default value – Specifies the value to return if the user attribute is not found on the shaded object.

Required format for attribute value – Displays possible formats for the attribute in the V-Ray User Attributes string assigned to the object, and what is rendered as a result.