This page provides general information about the Volumetric sub-section of the Rendering tab of the V-Ray Volumetric Grid.

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The Volumetric tab contains volumetric output settings and a parameter controlling the Heat Haze effect when the Render Mode is set to Volumetric Heat Haze.





Heat Haze | rendHeatHaze – Traces the ray changing direction according to the gradient of the Surface channel. A value of 1 corresponds approximately to the normal heat haze in the air caused by the temperature. If smoke or another channel is selected as the source, a larger value might be necessary to achieve a visible result. A value of 0 produces no heat haze. This parameter is available only when Mode is set to Volumetric Heat HazeSee the Heat Haze example below.


Example: Heat Haze

Heat haze adds refraction at each ray-marching step through the volume. This only affects the camera's view. Heat haze will not affect shadows cast through a volume.


Heat haze: 0

Heat haze: 1


Render Elements

Volumetric Material IDmaterialID – Specifies the Material ID color when rendering in any of the volumetric modes. When rendering as an isosurface or a mesh, this will be taken from the assigned material.

Volumetric Normals | volNormals – Used to generate a render element with volumetric normals. Since V-Ray does not allow volumetrics to write into the normals RE, the result will be written to a separate RE.

Volumetric ZDepth | volZDepth – Used to generate a z-depth render element in volumetric mode.

Disable – Disables generating the render element.
Separate Channel – Enables the render element to be generated in the Phoenix channel.