This page gives some basic details about the Beauty | RGB Color render element and how it may be re-assembled in a composite using its component elements.



The Beauty Render (RGB Color) is V-Ray's pre-composited final render and is usually the primary export when rendering a scene. During rendering, it is created automatically as the RGB color render element in the V-Ray Frame Buffer. This render element is unique in that it is not added separately.

This pass can be re-created manually in a composite by assembling the proper components together and fine-tuning the components. This process is commonly called Back to Beauty Compositing. For an overview of the compositing process to re-assemble the beauty image, refer to the Beauty Render Elements page.

For specifics on how the Beauty pass is reconstructed, see Back to Beauty Compositing below.



Back to Beauty Compositing

The following is the base formula for reconstructing the Beauty pass. Some Render Elements can be excluded if the scene does not utilize them. Press the image to see the full-size version and zoom in to view all the render elements involved.

 Light RE +  GI RE +  Reflection RE +  Refraction RE +   Specular RE +  SSS RE +  Self Illumination RE + Caustics RE + Atmospheric Effects RE +  Background RE = RGB Color | Beauty




Advanced Back to Beauty

Occasionally, there might be a need for more specific editing to the final image. For this, there is a more detailed workflow than the normal back to beauty workflow. Press the image to see the full-size version and zoom in to view all the render elements involved.

( Diffuse Filter RE  x ( Raw Lighting RE +  Raw GI RE)) + ( Raw Reflection RE x  Reflection Filter RE) + ( Raw Refraction RE x  Refraction Filter RE) +  Specular RE + SSS RESelf Illumination RECaustics RE Atmospheric Effects REBackground RE = RGB Color | Beauty





  • There are two options for how Motion blur and Depth of Field are handled in the back-to-beauty composite. If Depth of field and/or Motion blur are enabled in the V-Ray Physical Camera, these effects will already be baked into all of the render elements. In this scenario using the filter render elements in the advanced back-to-beauty composite can offer finer control of some render elements. Alternatively, many compositing and photo editing packages can add the effects post-rendering using specific tools that utilize the  Velocity Render Element for motion blur and  Z Depth Render Element for depth of field, with some limitations.

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