This page provides information on the V-Ray Additional Outputs Render Element.



V-Ray Additional Outputs is used to enable additional render elements for use in compositing.


UI Path


||Shading viewport|| > Shader Tree > Add Layer button > V-Ray Render Elements > V-Ray Additional Outputs

Additional Outputs

This is a list of all render elements enabled from V-Ray Additional Outputs:


Name – Sets a custom name for V-Ray Additional Outputs.

EnableWhen enabled, the render element appears in the V-Ray frame buffer.

Deep Output Specifies whether to include this render element in deep images.

Apply Color MappingApplies the color mapping options specified in the Color Mapping rollout of the V-Ray Main Render Settings. 

 Name – Sets a custom name for the Render Element.

Denoise – Denoises the render element.

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