This is a legacy documentation space! Please refer to V-Ray Swarm and V-Ray Next Tools for most up-to-date information.

This page contains information about geometry-related standalone tools that are included with V-Ray.


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The tools in this section are used to prepare and view meshes independently from the V-Ray host application (e.g. 3ds Max, Maya, etc).


Convert Poly to V-Ray Proxy

This tool easily creates V-Ray proxy (.vrmesh) files from a mesh object. It is a command-line utility, so it saves the user the trouble of opening up complex meshes, including 3D scans, in the host application. The resulting proxy can save a lot of time. For more information, see the Convert Poly to V-Ray Proxy page.


V-Ray Mesh Viewer

Allows the user to quickly preview V-Ray meshes and Alembic files. The meshes can be static or animated. For more information, see the V-Ray Mesh Viewer page.