This page provides information on the BRDFDiffuse material node.



The V-Ray BRDFDiffuse node creates a V-Ray diffuse material.

The V-Ray BRDFDiffuse is a legacy material. Use the V-Ray Material instead.  


UI Paths


 ||mat Network|| > V-Ray > Material > Legacy > Diffuse

||out Network|| > V-Ray Render Elements node > V-Ray > Material > Legacy > Diffuse




The BRDFDiffuse node provides inputs for controlling various material properties. They correspond to parameters in the section below.







Color – Specifies the color of the material.

Transparency – Assigns transparency to the material.

Transp. Tex. Mult. – Specifies a strength multiplier for the Transparency Tex.

Roughness – Specifies the roughness of the material. Used to simulate rough surfaces or surfaces covered with dust (for example, skin, or the surface of the Moon).

Use  Color Texture Alpha As Transparency – When enabled, the Color texture's alpha channel is used as the material Transparency.

Use Irradiance map – When enabled, the irradiance map is used to approximate diffuse indirect illumination for the material. If disabled, Brute Force GI is used in which case the quality of the Brute force GI is determined by the Subdivs parameter of the Irradiance Map. This can be used for objects in the scene which have small details that are not approximated very well by the irradiance map.


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