This page provides information on the MtlMulti material node.



The MtlMulti node allows you to assign different materials on a single mesh based on face IDs.


UI Paths


 ||mat Network|| > V-Ray > Material > Multi ID

||out Network|| > V-Ray Render Elements node > V-Ray > Material > Multi ID




The MtlMulti node provides inputs for controlling various material properties. Some correspond to parameters in the section below.



mtl_# – Specifies a sub-texture to be used by the Multi Material. The number of available inputs is dependent on the Materials Count parameter.





Materials Count – Specifies the number of materials that are applied to the mesh.

Clear – Returns the Materials Count to a value of 0.

Material ID – Face material ID. It is filled automatically, if it is set to -1.

Wrap ID – When enabled, the material IDs are wrapped to the largest specified ID.

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