This page provides information on the Round Edges attribute set that can be added to meshes.



Round edges uses bump mapping to smooth out edges during render time. It can be applied to any material and affects all objects with the material applied to it.

UI Paths


 ||mat Network|| > V-Ray > Material > Round Edges

||out Network|| > V-Ray Render Elements node > V-Ray > Material > Round Edges




The MtRoundEdges node provides inputs for controlling various material properties. Some correspond to parameters in the section below.

material – Specifies the material that the round edges effect is applied to.



Mode – Chooses which edges are considered in the calculation. Possible options are:

Covex and Concave – Considers all edges.
Convex Only – Only applies Round Edges effect to edges with convex angles.
Concave Only 
Only applies Round Edges effect to edges with concave angles.  

For more information, please see the Mode parameter example below.

Radius Mode – Specifies how the Radius parameter works from the following:

Object Space – The round edges effect is applied in object space.
World Space – The round edges effect is applied in world space.

Radius  – Specifies a radius for the round edges effect. Since the actual geometry is not being changed and only the normals of the faces are affected large values here may produce undesirable effects. For more information, please see the Rounded Corners example below.

Raytraced – When enabled, uses raytracing to compute the rounded corners. When disabled, uses static mesh analysis.

Consider Same Objects Only – When enabled, the rounded corners are produced only along edges that belong to the same object which has the attribute applied. When disabled, rounded corners are produced along edges formed when the object with the attribute intersects other objects in the scene.  For more information, see The Consider same object only parameter example  below.




Example: Rounded Corners

This example shows the effect of the rounded edges based on the Radius. The cube is 50 units in each dimension.


Radius is 1 unit


Radius is 3 units





Example: Consider Same Objects Only parameter

In this example, the cube and the cylinders are separate objects.



Consider Same Objects Only is On
The rounded corners effect is applied to each object individually


Consider Same Objects Only is Off
The rounded corners effect is applied between the different objects






Example: Mode parameter




Convex & concave corners


Convex corners only


Concave corners only






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