Build 5.00.30

Beta Release

Date - Sept. 16, 2020


New features


  • Add entirely new implementation of VFB with integrated Layers compositing


  • Support for rendering in ACEScg color space with option to recognize the texture color space from the file name
  • Simplified Renderer ROP UI

V-Ray Library

  • A material library browser utility for the V-Ray Material Library


  • Added Coat and Sheen layers for the V-Ray Material
  • Added a new car paint material with more precise flakes filtering and reduced memory usage


  • Add a UVW Randomizer that should be used solely as Image File and Triplanar VOPs' uvwgen input with stochastic tiling support
  • Added randomization options for the Multi ID texture


  • Add support for Out-of-Core codepath
  • Support for 2D displacement
  • Add support for OSL shaders
  • Add support for Cellular map
  • Add support for BerconTiles and Bercon Wood maps


Known Issues

  • No Post Translate support yet
  • The Light Mix element is not yet available
  • VFB Render Region is ignored for Production rendering and IPR
  • Physical Camera’s Exposure Value parameter does not work as intended
  • PatternID and Random textures are not yet implemented for V-Ray 5
  • Displacement from VOP network does not behave correctly when applied with a Material SOP to Merged meshes - only if some of the faces do not have a material with displacement assigned to them
  • Incorrect message "Unsupported 2D Type for Displacement" printed when rendering with V-Ray 5 GPU

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