This page provides information on the V-Ray Bercon Noise Texture.



V-Ray Bercon Noise is a procedural noise texture that offers a great deal of control. It allows you to change both the Noise Type and also to specify a Fractal type to use. If a texture is connected to the Distortion channel, this texture is used to distort the noise produced.


UI Paths


||mat Network|| > V-Ray> Procedural Texture > V-Ray Bercon Noise

||out Network|| > V-Ray Render Elements node > V-Ray > Procedural Texture > V-Ray Bercon Noise




The V-Ray Bercon Noise node provides inputs for controlling various texture properties. They correspond to parameters in the section below:





Color 1 – Controls the choice of color for the dark color used by the texture.

Color 2 – Controls the choice of color for the light color used by the texture.

Size – Controls the size of the noise procedural produced.

Low – Controls the color of the large details. Low values are lighter, higher values are darker.

High – Controls the color of the smaller details. Low values are lighter, higher values are darker.


Use Distortion – When a texture map is connected to this channel, it distorts the V-Ray Bercon Noise texture depending on the texture map.

Distortion Strength – Solid colors have no effect and the more contrast in the connected texture, the more visible the distortion is.


Use Curve Input – Calculated blend amount to be transformed by the Bezier curve





Uvw – Controls how the procedural texture is mapped and gives a choice between Normal, Radial, and Spherical.

Noise Type – Allows the choice between noise types to use for the procedural texture. The types are Perlin 2DPerlin 3DPerlin 4DSimplex 2DSimplex 3D, Simplex 4D. and Worley (Voronoi).

Phase – Specifies the noise phase.

Spread – Specifies the Worley spread.

F1/F2/F3/F4 – Specifies the worley noise.

Distance – Specifies the worley distance. The options are LinearSquareManhattanChebychevMinkovsky 0.5, and Minkovsky 4.


Fractal – Allows the choice between fractals to be used by the procedural noise. The options for fractals are None (no fractal shall be used if this is selected), FractalTurbulencefBmfBm TurbulenceHetero TerrainHybrid Multi Fractal, and Ridged Multi Fractal. When a choice other than None is chosen, channels allowing control of the specified fractal type appear.

Levels – Specifies the fractal levels.

Offset – Specifies the fractal offset.

Gain – Specifies the fractal gain.

Lacunarity – Specifies the fractal lacunarity.

Exponent – Specifies the fractal exponent.






Color Tweaks

Mult – Specifies a multiplier for the texture color.

Offset – Specifies an additional offset for the texture color.

Invert – When enabled, the resulting texture color is inverted.

Alpha Tweaks

Source – Specifies the alpha source from AlphaColor, and Opaque.

Use – Differentiate between textures exported from different applications. You can choose between Color Intensity (3ds Max) and Color Luminance (Maya).

Mult – Specifies a multiplier for the texture alpha.

Offset – Specifies an additional offset for the texture alpha.

Invert – When enabled, the resulting texture alpha is inverted, too. If disabled, just the color is inverted.


Placement Type – Specifies the way the valid portion of the texture is applied. The options are FullCrop, and Place.

U/V – Specifies the U/V coordinates of the valid texture sector.

– Specifies the width of the valid texture sector.

– Specifies the height of the valid texture sector.

Jitter – Specifies the amount of random placement variation.

Tile U – When enabled, there is horizontal tiling.

Tile V – When enabled, there is vertical tiling.

UV Noise

Enabled – Enables the UV noise.

Amount – Specifies the UV noise amount.

Levels – Specifies the UV noise iterations.

Size – Specifies the UV noise size.

Animated – When enabled, the noise is animated.

Phase – Specifies the UV noise phase.


Example: General


All the examples in this section use Perlin 3D as Noise Type and have Fractal set to None.



Size 0.1

Size: 0.25

Size: 0.5

Size: 0.75

Size: 1

Low: 0

Low:   0.25

Low:   0.5

Low:   0.75

Low: 1

High: 0


High: 0.25

High: 0.5

High: 0.75

High: 1




Examples: Noise Type


Perlin 2D

Perlin 3D

Perlin 4D

Simplex 2D

Simplex 3D

Simplex 4D

Worley (Voronoi)

Examples: Fractal





fBm Turbulence

Hetero Terrain

Hybrid Multi Fractal

Ridged Multi Fractal


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