This page provides information on the V-Ray Fresnel texture.



V-Ray Fresnel is a simple texture map that blends two colors or maps based on the viewing angle and an index of refraction. For example, you can connect the Fresnel texture to the reflection color of a V-Ray material in order to create fresnel reflection.



UI Paths

||mat Network|| > V-Ray> Procedural Texture > V-Ray Fresnel

||out Network|| > V-Ray Render Elements node > V-Ray > Procedural Texture > V-Ray Fresnel



The TexFresnel node provides inputs for controlling various texture properties. They correspond to parameters in the section below.



Front Color – The color for the texture when viewed frontally (refraction color).

Side Color – The color for the texture when viewed at a grazing angle (reflection color).

Fresnel IOR – Index of refraction to use when calculating the Fresnel term.

Refract IOR – Specifies the refraction index of refraction for the underlying surface. This is ignored if the surface has a volume shader (the volume IOR is used instead).

Contribute to Fresnel IOR Render Element – When enabled, the V-Ray Fresnel Texture contributes to the Fresne IOR Render Element.


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