This page provides information on the vrayMaterialBuilder node.



The V-Ray Material Builder node is a container that allows you to create a variety of V-Ray Materials. By default, it creates a BRDFVRayMtl connected to a V-Ray Material Output node. From here, a variety of V-Ray nodes can be created such as BRDF and utility material nodes, textures, mapping nodes, and atmospheric effects.






UI Path


||shop Network|| > Material > V-Ray Material Builder

||mat Network|| > V-Ray > Material > V-Ray Material Builder






Texture and Mapping

Show Texture – This option is enabled by default. It allows any attached textures to be visible in the viewport. 

UV Attribute – The name of the UV attribute that Houdini uses to show the texture in the viewport. 

Texture Path – The node path of the texture as relative reference should be entered here in order for the V-Ray ViewportTex SOP to be used. This way all UV changes attached in the imagefile node are visible in the viewport.


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