This page contains information about the V-Ray Stencil Texture.



The TexStencil node is a utility used to create stencils or mask a user-specified color key.



UI Paths

||mat Network|| > V-Ray > Procedural Texture > V-Ray Stencil

||out Network|| > V-Ray Render Elements node > V-Ray > Procedural Texture > V-Ray Stencil





The TexStencil node provides inputs for controlling various texture properties. They correspond to parameters in the section below.






Default Color – Represents the texture that is underneath.

Key Color – Specifies the color to be masked in the texture.

Image (Stencil) – Specifies the texture that acts as a stencil.

Mask – Specifies the transparency of the Stencil.

Key Masking – When enabled, selects the areas in the texture similar to or equal to the Key Color and masks them out.

Positive Key – When enabled, inverts the Chroma Key mask. (Only the colors specified in the Key Color and Hue/Sat/Val Range are displayed.)

Hue/Sat/Val Range –Specifies the range of hue/saturation/values centered on the Key Color that is also masked.

Edges Blend – Controls the sharpness of the texture edges.


Color Tweaks

Mult – Specifies a strength multiplier for the texture color.

Offset – Color corrects the texture by adding the the RGB color values specified here to the RGB color values in the texture.

Invert – When enabled, inverts the resulting texture color.


Alpha Tweaks

Source – Specifies where the alpha channel is drawn from.

Alpha – Alpha channel is drawn from the texture.
– Alpha is generated from pixel intensity.
– Alpha channel is fully opaque.

Use – Differentiate between textures exported from different applications. You can choose between Color Intensity (3ds Max) and Color Luminance (Maya).

Mult – Specifies a multiplier for the texture alpha.

Offset – Specifies an additional offset for the texture alpha.

Invert – When enabled and Invert from Color Tweaks is also enabled, the resulting texture alpha is inverted as well.



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