This page provides information about the VRayPgYeti node in V-Ray for Houdini. 



The VRayPgYeti node loads and renders Yeti cache files in Houdini.



UI Path


||obj Network|| > Geometry node > V-Ray > V-Ray Yeti







File (*.fur) – Specifies the Yeti cache file.

Density – A multiplier for the Density of the hair strands.

Length – A multiplier for the Length of the hair strands.

Width – A multiplier for the Width of the hair strands.

Dynamic Tessellation – When enabled, V-Ray dynamically changes the subdivision of the hair based on the distance to the camera. This means that strands that are closer to the camera are subdivided more times than strands that are far away. This allows for a better memory utilization.

Segment Length – When the Dynamic Hair Tessellation is enabled this parameter controls the size of the segments generated by the subdivision. A value of 4 means that a segment is going to be 4 pixels long in the final image. This way segments that are far away from the camera are going to be larger in real world units.






Texture Search Path – Specifies a folder to scan for the texture paths baked into the Yeti cache.

Threads – Max. number of CPU threads to use when evaluating the Yeti cache. 

Verbosity – Determines what kind of messages are shown in the window:

1 – only error messages. 
 – error and warning messages. 
 – errors, warnings, and informative messages. 
 – all messages.





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