Date – April 26, 2016

DownloadBuild 3.01.02


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New Features


  • Added support for Modo 10.0v1

  • Added command for exporting a .vrscene and rendering it with V-Ray Standalone


  • Support for the Unreal and Unity materials introduced in Modo 10.0v1

V-Ray Materials

  • Added the V-Ray Stochastic Flakes material

V-Ray Textures

  • Added a V-Ray Layered texture

  • Added a V-Ray Triplanar texture

V-Ray Volume Grid

  • Added initial version

Modo Materials

  • Support for the Unity material introduced in Modo 10.0v1

  • Support for the Unreal material introduced in Modo 10.0v1


Improved Features

V-Ray RT

  • Hidden geometry/lights won't be included in the initial export


  • Added ocldeviceselect.exe short-cut in the Windows start menu folder for V-Ray for Modo

  • Support for more than 1 UV map per mesh item (up to 16 unique UV map names per scene)

V-Ray Render Settings

  • Updated default values to better match V-Ray for 3ds Max 3.3. See Note below for details.

  •  Added "Adaptive method" option to the Adaptive image sampler, uses new improved method by default
  • Added "DMC sampler" roll-out after "Image sampler" roll-out, collapsed by default
  • Added probabilistic volumetrics options under "Global Options - advanced"
  • Sun/Sky color-space changed to sRGB (from CIE RGB)
  • Sun/Sky model now defaults to Hosek et al

V-Ray Materials

  • Added raytraced rounded edges options in the "V-Ray Mtl Common" tab

  • Added command that creates a Modo material sourced from an existing V-Ray material to be used for Modo's OpenGL viewport

V-Ray Textures

  • The V-Ray Dirt texture now has an option "Subdivs as Samples" to disconnect the number of samples taken from the "Max Subdivs" in the "Image Sampler"

  • The V-Ray Dirt "distribution" channel can now have negative values

VRaySun / VRaySky

  • Added "ground albedo" parameter

V-Ray Proxy

  • Added a "Convert and load non-vrmesh geometry file" button to the V-Ray Proxy UI


  • The buttons for adding/removing V-Ray packages to selected items will now get disabled based on the current item selection


  • Added support for the "Enable" clipping plane and "Clipping Distance" channels


  • Area lights can now have a mesh item connected to them, which will specify the shape of the light

  • Enabling the "Physical Sun" check-box in Modo's Directional Light will now turn it into a V-Ray Sun, even if the V-Ray Sun/Sky package is not added to it

Image Map

  • Support for channel swizzling in Modo 902, Modo 10.0v1 and later

Shader Tree

  • Support for "Item-Specific Shaders" i.e. Shaders connected directly to items

Texture Locator

  • Added support for the "Particles and Replicas" and "Mesh Parts" values of the "Random Texture Offsets" channel

Modo Materials

  • Added support for the "Round Same Surface Only" channel

  • Added support for the "Absorption Distance" channel

Modo Textures

  • Support for the "Mesh Part" value of the "Variation Source" channel of the "Variation" texture


  • V-Ray for Modo won't try to open a connection to the license server when Modo is starting, but instead will wait until the first render

.vrscene Import

  • Added import for "Object Properties" and "V-Ray Object Properties" exported from V-Ray for 3ds Max

  • Added import for Composite textures exported from V-Ray for 3ds Max

  • Imported textures which are not part of the Shader Tree will now get added inside a specially created Schematic workspace


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed crash when the "frame step" for rendering an animation is negative

  • Fixed crash in Modo 901/902 when the user tries to quit Modo while V-Ray is rendering

  • Fixed crash when an image map is using an image sequence that cannot be found


  • Fixed crash in specific situations when RT GPU runs out of memory

  • Fixed normal maps not working


  • Fixed the Pixel information window continuously growing in size when rendering after changing the resolution size


  • Fixed the "Guess vertical tilt" command of the "V-Ray Physical Camera" not working correctly when the camera transformation is animated

V-Ray Materials

  • Fixed precision problems with the fog multiplier resulting in very dark fog

V-Ray Textures

  • Fixed NaN pixels when the V-Ray Bercon Noise texture is used to texture the V-Ray Environment Fog

V-Ray Proxy

  • Fixed very slow loading of a Modo scene with a Replicator whose prototype is  a V-Ray Proxy referencing a missing .vrmesh file

Image Map

  • Fixed Substance textures not working, if the 2.1.0 version of the Substance plug-in is used

Modo Material

  • Fixed the transparent amount being applied twice when the "Shading model" is "Physically Based", resulting in much darker refractions, when rendering with V-Ray



Updated Render Settings Default Values

ParameterOld ValueNew Value
Image Sampler
Sampler TypeAdaptiveProgressive
Min shading rate26
Adaptive max subdivs4


Progressive noise threshold0.00.005
AA filter typeAreaLanczos
AA filter size1.52.0
DMC Sampler
Use local subdivsOnOff
Global options - advanced
GI texture filtering multiplier1.05.0
Enable probabilistic volumetricsOffOn
Direct vol. samples58
GI vol. samples53
GI enabledOffOn
Reflective causticsOffOn
Ray distance100km1m
AO radius10m10cm
Irradiance map
Calc. interp. samples15 (Custom)10 (High)

Photon map

Search distance10m10cm
Auto saveOffOn
Max photons3060
Search distance10m0m (infinite)
Auto saveOffOn
RT - Performance and Memory
GPU Ray bundle256192
GPU Rays per pixel168
RT - Stop Conditions
Max. noise0.00.005
Production - raycast acceleration
face/level coef.2.01.0