Date – June 24, 2016

DownloadBuild 3.40.01


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New Features


  • Added support for stereoscopic rendering

V-Ray Render Settings

  • Added denoiser parameters under V-Ray Main -> Denoiser post-process

V-Ray Textures

  • Added a V-Ray Multi Sub texture. Can be found in Add Layer -> V-Ray Textures. The supported modes are : 'Face Material ID', 'V-Ray Object ID' and 'Random by Render ID'. All of them work in RT GPU.

Render Elements

  • Added "Light Select" render element; Can be created from Add Layer -> V-Ray Render Elements


  • Added the vdenoise tool to the installation


Improved Features


  • Moved the "V-Ray Camera" tab inside the "Camera Effects" tab to reduce UI clutter

  • Added additional clipping parameters under "V-Ray Clipping Plane Extra" in the "Camera Effects" tab, they are part of the "V-Ray Camera" package
  • Added support for the "Override Render Resolution" channels

Modo Materials

  • Optimized the Unreal/Unity materials to be faster when intersected by shadow rays. (For the test scene, this optimization reduced render time with around 30%.)

Modo Textures

  • Added support for Variation texture's "Item" mode, Gradient texture's "surfaceID" input, and Texture Locator's "Surfaces" mode for the "Random Texture Offsets" channel

Render Elements

  • Improved support for Modo's Surface ID render output


  • Improved Modo Material support. (Fresnel reflections were too dim; The "blurry reflections" option is now respected; Added clear-coat amount support.)

RT Updates

  • Changing the global color mapping settings is now properly updated during RT

V-Ray Geometry

  • The V-Ray Clipper can now have a mesh specified to be used for clipping instead of a plane

.vrscene import

  • Improve material import times; Improvement is anywhere between 30% and 60%
  • Added import for VRayMultiSubTex textures exported from V-Ray for 3ds Max. These are imported as a V-Ray Multi Sub texture. Only up to 12 sub-textures are supported
  • Camera: For the V-Ray physical camera import target_distance into Modo's "Focus Distance" channel
  • Materials: Import normal maps
  • Textures: Color blend nodes will no longer be created when they are not needed. The color blends are not needed when the wrapped texture has no alpha channel and the texture's multiplier is 1
  • Textures: Import linear output curves from 3ds Max's Output roll-out


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed incorrect exposure with the V-Ray Physical Camera when the "Render Camera" channel in the "Render" item is animated


  • Fixed crash when the V-Ray RT Stop button is pressed immediately after pressing the V-Ray RT Start button

  • Fixed crash with V-Ray Proxy and the velocity render element in RT GPU. Note: The velocity render element is not supported in RT GPU, so the fix just removes it when exporting the scene for RT GPU


  • Fixed Replicated geometry disappearing when it has <=30 triangles

  • Fixed the Image map's "Low Value" and "High Value" channels affecting the map's alpha
  • Fixed the "visibility" options specified from a Shader item not working when the mesh has more than 1 material

RT Updates

  • Fixed the area light and its reflections disappearing in RT CPU when any of the light's parameters is changed

V-Ray Materials

  • Fixed negative opacity values in the V-Ray material making it semi-opaque instead of fully transparent

  • Fixed the VRMat material's list of materials not updating in Modo 10 when a new .vrmat file is selected

.vrscene import

  • Materials: Fixed the V-Ray Material's fog multiplier not being imported correctly when the fog bias is not 0

  • Materials: The Event Log was flooded with incorrect warnings about unsupported parameters
  • Textures: Amount and offset from the 3ds Max Output roll-out were not imported correctly for procedural textures