Date – May 30, 2017

DownloadBuild 3.52.01


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New Features


  • Support for the Modo 11 series

Modo Textures

  • Support for the Process texture


  • Added the ability to "enhance" part of the image while rendering in RT. The functionality can be accessed by right-clicking on the image in the VFB or from the En icon in the V-Ray toolbar.

  • Added the ability to select materials and/or geometry items during RT by clicking on the rendered image in the VFB

  • Added the ability to pick the focus distance and change defocus amount and shutter speed directly in the VFB


Ctrl + Shift + Left-click to pick focus distance.
Ctrl + Shift + Mouse Wheel to change defocus amount.
Ctrl + Mouse Wheel to change shutter speed.


  • Added the ability to isolate selected textures or their effects


  • The 3.5 GPU core adds support for:

- Adaptive Lights
- V-Ray Clipper (only in non-mesh mode)
- Shadow Catcher
- V-Ray Aerial Perspective
- V-Ray Stochastic Flakes material
- Directional channel of Area Light
- V-Ray Render Mask
- Velocity render element

V-Ray Geometry

  • Added the V-Ray .vrscene reference item

V-Ray Materials

  • Added Open Shading Language (OSL) material

V-Ray Textures

  • Added Open Shading Language (OSL) texture


Improved Features


  • Added support for visibility based on groups


  • Removed the V-Ray physical camera offsets (horizontal/vertical shift) and made the Modo film offset work in RT GPU when a V-Ray physical camera is used


  • Added options to the V-Ray Light tab for the Photometric light to override the shape of the light for shadows

  • Added support for the width and height options of the Photometric light

Render Settings

  • Changed the V-Ray toolbar pop-overs to use the command, so each channel's UI has a right-click contextual menu

  • It is now possible to pin the V-Ray toolbar pop-overs

  • Added the option for enabling Adaptive lights and made it the default

  • Added the option for how often to update image effects (lens effects, denoiser) during progressive rendering

  • Made Use Render Cache a per-scene option and removed the global preference

Render Mask

  • Added an option to clear or not the whole VFB buffer when a render mask is active and the scene changes during RT


  • If rendering a single frame, don't export geometry with animated visibility which is not visible in the current frame


  • Added a command and button to restart RT

  • Disabled the Light Cache when running RT

  • Export geometry with animated visibility only when the user switches to a frame where the geometry is actually visible


  • Support for a layer mask on a Shader item

  • Added the on-demand mipmapping option, available only for non-interactive GPU rendering

  • Changed the default value for the GPU Resize Textures channel to Full size

  • Added the Low GPU Thread Priority option as a global preference

  • Allow blending bump maps in the Shader Tree

RT Updates

  • Fixed unnecessary update when a locator item (camera/light/geometry) is locked/unlocked

  • Automatic update when modifying a texture layer which is used as a layer mask of another texture layer

  • Switched to the new partial ray server updates

Shader Tree

  • Support for the Apply to Item Instances option of the material group mask item. Option introduced in Modo 10.1v1


  • Enabled multi-threaded color corrections

V-Ray Materials

  • Added an option to the V-Ray Mtl Common tab which defines how to shade back faces

  • Added the Affect GI option to the V-Ray Light Material

  • Added the Glossy Fresnel option to the V-Ray Material

  • Added an option to specify opacity as a color to the V-Ray Material

V-Ray Proxy

  • The command for creating .vrmesh files now accepts relative paths for the path argument


Bug Fixes


  • Crash when there is a loop in a nodal shading setup

  • Crash during RT when the color of a Photometric light is changed and there is more than one Photometric light in the scene

  • Crash when changing a Substance material to a V-Ray Material using the Change material type drop-down in the Material Ref tab; The crash is in the Modo code and cannot be fixed, so instead the Change material type drop-down is disabled for Substance materials

  • Crash when a "material group mask" item that contains an alpha render output is hidden

  • Crash when RT is running and an image map is modified outside of Modo and then reloaded


  • The incorrect environment is sometimes used when multiple environment shader folders are present in the scene


  • Incorrect light color when the scene has multiple (some hidden) light folders

Modo Textures

  • Gradient: The Slope and Slope (Undisplaced) inputs don't work correctly when the slope is above 90 degrees

Nodal Shading

  • Supported channel modifiers (like Basic Math) don't work correctly when some of their inputs come from connections to unsupported channel modifiers (e.g. Time->Frame) or from non-output material/texture channels

Render Elements

  • Render elements don't disappear from rendering when their parent material group or folder is disabled

Render Settings

  • Render Mask: The visible to camera shader option doesn't work with Render Masks


  • The ray-casting structures are built twice when starting RT GPU rendering

  • Bump mapping specified using Schematic connections doesn't work

RT Updates

  • Adding/Removing/Toggling textures which are direct children of a library material group doesn't cause material re-export

Shader Tree

  • Incorrect shader tree masking when a "material group mask item" has an "item filter" that is a "group item" which has "group locators" inside it

  • Empty groups with blending mode different than Normal still have effect on the shading

  • Item masks don't get applied correctly on Fur generated on an instance of the item since Modo 10.2v2

Texture Locator

  • Textures using the Front Projection projection type are incorrectly rendered in reflections


  • The sRGB color correction gets automatically enabled when rendering is started

  • When the OCIO color correction is enabled and RT is running, the Modo UI can become very slow to update

User Preferences

  • The Enable V-Ray Materials in Modo renderer option doesn't work after restarting Modo

V-Ray Materials

  • In the V-Ray Stochastic Flakes material, the Colored flakes parameters are disabled when enable flakes is OFF even though they affect the render results

.vrscene import

  • Missing textures when importing a .vrscene file containing output curves exported from V-Ray for 3ds Max 3.5