Please note that this documentation space offers information for V-Ray 3.6! For most up-to-date documentation, refer to V-Ray Next for Modo help.

This section contains links to V-Ray Bercon Textures in V-Ray for Modo.


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The maps in this section were originally developed by Jerry Ylilammi ( ) as open-source plug-ins for 3ds Max. Source code ported to V-Ray Standalone by Chaos Software Ltd.



UI Path: ||Shading viewport|| > Shader Tree > Add Layer button > V-Ray Bercon Textures



Section Library


V-Ray Bercon Noise

Creates noise with a large amount of control over noise type and fractal type.

V-Ray Bercon Tile

Creates a tile texture in a variety of tile layout styles.





V-Ray Bercon Wood

Creates a wood texture from four available wood pattern types.