This page provides information on the Brute Force rollout of the V-Ray GI Render Settings.


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This section controls and fine-tunes various aspects of brute force GI computing. This section is enabled only when Brute force is chosen as the GI method for primary or secondary bounces. For more details on the theories behind this GI type, please see the Brute Force GI page.



UI Path: ||V-Ray GI render settings|| > Brute Force rollout



Subdivs – Determines the number of samples used to approximate GI. Note that this is not the exact number of rays that V-Ray will trace; the number of rays is proportional to the square of this number, but is also affected by the Subdivs multiplier and Divide shading subdivs settings in the DMC sampler rollout. In order for this value to be used, Use Local Subdivs must be enabled in the DMC sampler rollout.

Depth – Controls the number of secondary light bounces that will be computed. This parameter is only available when the Secondary Engine is set to Brute Force.



  • For more details on how the Brute Force engine works to calculate Indirect Illumination, please see the Brute Force GI page within these docs.