This page gives information on the additional external tools that are installed with V-Ray for Modo that are of use for camera work. Click on the tool name below for direct access to usage information, or proceed to the Overview for a brief introduction to these camera tools.


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V-Ray automatically installs several external tools in the bin folder of your V-Ray for Modo installation. These tools are launched outside of the Modo application and can be found in the following places:

The Chaos Group folder in the Start menu in Windows; or C:\Program Files\Chaos Group\V-Ray\Modo x64\bin\.

In OSX these additional tools are found in the /Applications/ChaosGroup/V-Ray/Modo_x64/bin/ folder.

Two of these additional tools are quite useful for camera work and are introduced here. Click on the links for detailed usage information:

  • Lens Analyzer (a.k.a. Lens Analysis Tool) creates, previews and edits V-Ray lens files (*.vrlens). In addition, this tool also analyzes camera distortions as well as correcting/distorting images.
  • Filter Generator Tool (a.k.a. Lens Effects Filter Generator) creates HDR filter kernels for use in the V-Ray Frame buffer Lens Effects' Glare Image parameter.