This page provides an overview of the Main Render Settings.


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The Main Render Settings consist of four features that give V-Ray information on how to render your image. These features can be customized to enhance the rendering of your scene.



 UI Paths:

V-Ray Menu > Render Settings -> Main

||V-Ray Toolbar|| > V-Ray Main render settings button





||V-Ray Toolbox|| > Main render settings button


||Shading viewport|| > Shader Tree mode > right click Render item > Properties > V-Ray Main tab



  • Image Sampler - Computes various color values within and around each pixel during the rendering process and uses these values to determine the best color for each individual pixel in the rendering. An image sampler can take any one of various approaches to this task, and no one image sampler is perfect for every situation. V-Ray gives you a number of choices to address common rendering challenges like representing fine detail accurately and reducing noise in the rendering.
  • DMC Sampler - Used to evaluate blurry (less sharp) areas of the rendering such as anti-aliasing and glossy reflections. This sampler specifies the pattern that the selected image sampler will use to reduce noise in these areas. The default settings for the DMC Sampler are suitable for most renderings; it is recommended that only advanced users change the default values.
  • Color Mapping - Rendering with V-Ray can sometimes produce a wide range of colors, more colors than can be displayed on a computer screen. Color mapping (sometimes also called tone mapping) interprets these colors and reduces them to a displayable range of colors using one of many possible methods.
  • Global Options - Control various aspects of the renderer globally. This feature includes the option to enable displacement or probabilistic lights and to choose whether to render the final image or just GI, to name a few.


  • The Main Settings drop-down has a circular button in the top right corner which, when toggled, detaches the window from the UI so it can be moved wherever needed. Click this button once more to close the window.



  • When right-clicking the Main Settings, a contextual drop-down menu appears, allowing for more specific options to be selected in this area.