This page provides information on the Motion Samples package that can be added to Modo Replicators.


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This package is applied to Modo's Replicator item and provides additional controls for motion blur. To add the package, select the Replicator item and go to V-Ray > Add or Remove V-Ray package > Add V-Ray Motion Samples to selected replicators. Afterwards, the new Motion blur samples rollout can be located in the Properties viewport under the V-Ray Motion Samples tab.



UI Paths:

 ||V-Ray menu|| > Add or Remove V-Ray package > Add V-Ray Motion Samples to selected replicators

 ||V-Ray Toolbar|| > Add or Remove V-Ray package button >  Add V-Ray Motion Samples to selected replicators






Override motion blur samples – When enabled, manually specifies motion blur samples for the instances created by this Replicator.

Motion blur samples – Determines the number of geometry segments used to approximate motion blur. Objects are assumed to move linearly between geometry samples. For fast moving objects that follow a curved path, a higher value is needed to get correct motion blur. Note that more samples increase memory consumption, since more geometry copies are kept in memory.

This Replicator is Animated – Enabled by default to allow animated replicators to be rendered with animation. When this option is disabled animated channels are static and not rendered with V-Ray Standalone or V-Ray animation options. Disabling this parameter can significantly decrease the file size while rendering the Replicators with V-Ray Standalone, DR or export the scene file as .vrscene in Modo.