This section contains links to V-Ray Procedural Textures in V-Ray for Modo.


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The textures in this section are procedurally generated and are designed to be used with V-Ray.

UI Path: ||Shading viewport|| > Shader Tree > Add Layer button > V-Ray Textures Procedural

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V-Ray Bulge

Similar to the V-Ray Grid Texture, but acts as if the lines are constraining the texture and the texture is inflated from beneath.

V-Ray Cellular

Creates a cellular noise texture.





V-Ray Checker

Creates a checkerboard texture.

V-Ray Cloth

Creates a cloth texture with a high level of control over the cloth's woven attributes.





V-Ray Granite

Creates a granite texture with four colors.

-Ray Grid
Creates a grid texture.





V-Ray Leather

Creates a leather texture.

V-Ray Marble

Creates a marble texture with two colors.





V-Ray Marble Simple

Creates a marble texture with two colors and simplified controls.

V-Ray Noise

Creates a noise texture from one of three available noise types.





V-Ray Rock

Creates a rock texture from two colors or maps.

V-Ray Smoke
Creates a smoke texture from two colors or maps.





V-Ray Snow

Creates a snow texture effect.

V-Ray Speckle

Creates a contrasted speckle noise effect.



-Ray Splat
Mimics a splatter effect.

V-Ray Stucco

Produces a surface effect similar to uneven stucco.





V-Ray Swirl

Creates a texture with a radial swirling effect.

-Ray Tiles
Creates a tile texture with a choice of several pattern types.





V-Ray Water
Creates a vector displacement map that emulates waves on the surface of water.