Please note that this documentation space offers information for V-Ray 3.6! For most up-to-date documentation, refer to V-Ray Next for Modo help.

This page provides information on the features supported by V-Ray RT GPU.


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This section lists RT GPU CUDA support for V-Ray specific features in Modo. The information here pertains to the latest official build of V-Ray for Modo.

For RT GPU CUDA support of Modo native features, please check the Modo Compatibility page.

Features marked as NIGHTLY are available only in the nightly builds.


V-Ray Atmospheres

FeatureV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
V-Ray Environment Fog


V-Ray Aerial Perspective


V-Ray Toon


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V-Ray Geometry

FeatureV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
V-Ray Clipper 
V-Ray Proxy
Triangular meshes, hair and particles from Alembic (.abc) files are also supported.
V-Ray Volume Grid

Multiple materials on one V-Ray Fur item is not supported in RT GPU

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V-Ray Materials

FeatureV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
V-Ray 2-Sided MaterialPARTIAL
  • The opacity of sub-materials will not work.
  • Multiply By Front diffuse is not supported.
V-Ray alSurface 
V-Ray Blend Material

The additive mode option is always considered OFF.

V-Ray Car Paint
V-Ray Fast SSS2


RT GPU always uses raytraced multiple scattering. It does not support raytraced (solid) and raytraced (refractive) settings.

V-Ray Flakes
V-Ray Hair
V-Ray Light Mtl


Opacity is not supported.

V-Ray Material


Glossy Fresnel, Translucency, Diffuse Roughness, Dispersion, and Fog Bias are not supported.

V-Ray Override Material


Environment override is not supported.
V-Ray Point Particle Material
V-Ray Skin
V-Ray Stochastic Flakes
V-Ray Switch Material
V-Ray VRmat

The VRmat can store different types of materials, so support

depends on the type of the stored material.

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Rendering Global options



Additional Notes

Enable displacement


Use lights


Use hidden lights


Don't render final image


Use global max depth


Enable probabilistic lights


Render hidden geometry




Show GI only


Disable self-illumination




Glossy effects


SSS enabled




Filter maps 
Filter maps for glossy/GI rays 
Uninverted normal bump 
Force back face culling 
Clamp max ray intensity 
Probabilistic volumetrics 

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V-Ray Textures

Textures marked as BAKED are baked on the CPU and sent to RT GPU as a bitmap.

The bake resolution is specified in the Render item under V-Ray RT, Performance -> GPU Texture Size.

These textures are baked in the [0,1] x [0,1] UV range, which means they will repeat outside of this range.

All BAKED textures can be used for bump mapping.

V-Ray Textures sub-menu

FeatureV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
V-Ray Curvature
V-Ray Dirt
Some parameters are not supported.
V-Ray Distance
V-Ray Edges
Show Hidden Edges and Show Subtriangles not currently available on the GPU.
V-Ray Falloff

V-Ray Fresnel
V-Ray Hair Variation
Works with hair generated by the Modo Fur Material or hair from a V-Ray Proxy item.
V-Ray Layered
V-Ray Multi Sub
V-Ray OSL 
V-Ray PTex

V-Ray Ray Switch

V-Ray Softbox


V-Ray Triplanar
Supports bitmaps only.

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V-Ray Textures Bercon sub-menu

FeatureV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
V-Ray Bercon Noise
V-Ray Bercon Tile
V-Ray Bercon Wood

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V-Ray Textures Procedural sub-menu

FeatureV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
V-Ray Bulge
V-Ray Cellular

V-Ray Checker

V-Ray Cloth
V-Ray Granite
V-Ray Grid
V-Ray Leather
V-Ray Marble
V-Ray Marble Simple
V-Ray Noise
V-Ray Rock
V-Ray Smoke
V-Ray Snow

V-Ray Speckle
V-Ray SplatBAKED 
V-Ray StuccoBAKED 
V-Ray SwirlBAKED 
V-Ray TilesBAKED 
V-Ray Water


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V-Ray Utilities sub-menu

FeatureV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
V-Ray 3-Color Gradient
V-Ray Blend Normal Maps

V-Ray Color Correct

V-Ray Color Correction
V-Ray Mix
V-Ray RGB Tint


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V-Ray Packages

FeatureV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes

V-Ray Object Properties


V-Ray Physical Camera


V-Ray Sun / Sky

V-Ray Motion Samples 

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V-Ray Geometry Properties

FeatureV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
Object ID
You can combine this with the V-Ray Multi Sub texture to create material variations in RT GPU.
Modo to V-Ray
Computed on the CPU.
Computed on the CPU.
V-Ray Subdivision
Computed on the CPU.
V-Ray Displacement
Computed on the CPU. 2D Displacement mode is NOT supported in RT GPU.
Motion Blur Samples

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V-Ray Light Settings

FeatureV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
Photon Emission

Shadow Bias
Cut-off threshold

Affect diffuse
Affect specular
Affect reflections
Bumped normal check

Store with irradiance map

Area / Dome light specific  
Use texture

Texture resolution

Adaptive texture sampling
Area light specific  

Light Mesh
Textures are not supported.
Dome light specific  
Dome Spherical
Point light specific  
Make spherical light
Spherical segments

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V-Ray Render Settings

FeatureV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
Image Sampler

RT CPU and RT GPU always use a progressive image sampler,

its stop conditions can be modified from V-Ray RT, Performance -> RT Stop Conditions.

Even when you are using the production V-Ray renderer or RT CPU, by default, denoising is computed using your GPU.
DMC Sampler
Color Mapping
Global Options
The following channels are supported: Enable Displacement, Use Lights, Use Hidden Lights, Render Hidden Geometry.

Environment Importance


GI - Brute Force
GI - Light Cache
GI - Irradiance Map
GI - Photon Map

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V-Ray Camera

FeatureV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
V-Ray Camera Type Overrides
Only the Standard, Orthogonal, Pinhole, Spherical Panorama and Cube 6x1 camera types are supported.
V-Ray Motion Blur Extra
Bias and Shutter Efficiency are NOT supported.
V-Ray Stereoscopic Extra
Only the Focus Method and Output Layout channels are supported.
V-Ray Clipping Plane Extra

The clipping plane is not supported in RT GPU.

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Render Elements

Modo Native

Basic Render Elements

Modo nameV-Ray NameV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
DepthZ Depth
Motion VectorVelocity


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Geometry Render Elements

Modo nameV-Ray NameV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
dPdu VectordPdu Vector

dPdv VectordPdv Vector

Geometric NormalGeometric Normal

Object CoordinatesObject Coordinates

Shading IncidenceShading Incidence
Shading NormalBump Normals

Surface IDSurface ID

UV CoordinatesUV Coordinates
World CoordinatesWorld Coordinates 

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Lighting Render Elements

Modo nameV-Ray NameV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
Ambient OcclusionAmbient Occlusion
Illumination (Direct)Raw Lighting

Illumination (Indirect)Raw GI

Illumination (Total)Raw Total Light

Reflection OcclusionReflection Occlusion

Shadow DensityMatte Shadow


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Material Render Elements

Modo nameV-Ray NameV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
Diffuse CoefficientDiffuse Filter
Reflection CoefficientReflection Filter
RoughnessReflection Roughness

Transparent ColorRefraction Filter

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Shading Render Elements

Modo nameV-Ray NameV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
Diffuse Shading (Direct)Light
Diffuse Shading (Indirect)GI
Diffuse Shading (Total)Total Light

Luminous ShadingSelf Illumination
Reflection ShadingReflection
Shaded AA SamplesSample Rate
Specular ShadingSpecular
Subsurface ShadingSSS

Transparent Shading


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V-Ray Specific

NameV-Ray RT GPUAdditional Notes
Light Select
GI, reflection and refraction included
Render Mask

Object ID 
Material ID 
Multi Matte 
Raw Shadow 
Atmospheric Effects 
Render ID 
Raw Diffuse Filter 
Raw Reflection 
Raw Reflection Filter 
Raw Refraction 
Raw Refraction Filter 

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V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB)

The VFB effects (color corrections, lens effects, etc) are computed on the CPU after or during rendering, so they will work with RT GPU.