This page provides an overview of the RT and Performance Render Settings.


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The render settings in this section control aspects of V-Ray RT as well as production performance.



 UI Paths:

V-Ray Menu > Render Settings -> RT, Performance

||V-Ray Toolbar|| > V-Ray RT render settings button





||V-Ray Toolbox|| > RT render settings button


||Shading viewport|| > Shader Tree mode > right click Render item > Properties > V-Ray RT, Performance tab

RT and Performance Rollouts

  • Global Displacement Options - Controls subdivision and displacement quality for all objects in the scene. If objects have additional displacement channels added using V-Ray Packages, these options are overwritten.
  • Production Performance - The production renderer is the main V-Ray renderer with a large suite of features. The controls in this section change V-Ray's performance in areas like Raycast acceleration and Embree.
  • RT - V-Ray RT renderer is an additional engine that updates rendering in real time. The controls in this section change V-Ray RT's performance settings for areas like shading depth and detail refinement.



  • The RT Settings drop-down has a circular button in the top right corner which, when toggled, detaches the window from the UI so it can be moved wherever needed. Click this button once more to close the window.




  • When right-clicking the RT Settings, a contextual drop-down menu appears, allowing for more specific options to be selected in this area.




  • Selecting the En icon in the toolbar reveals the V-Ray Enhance Regions menu. This option is an improvement of the standard Render Region.
  • Right-clicking in the VFB of an active RT render brings up a menu with options to enhance, save, and delete regions.
  • To use enhanced regions, start an RT render and enable Enhance Visible. Draw out a render region, then select Enhance Render Region.
  • Shift + Middle Mouse to pan in the enhanced region.
  • Shift + Mouse Scroll to zoom in and out of the preview render, which is usable in the enhanced render region.




This window is movable using the circle in the top right corner.


This menu appears when the active RT render is right-clicked in the VFB.