Please note that this documentation space offers information for V-Ray 3.6! For most up-to-date documentation, refer to V-Ray Next for Modo help.

This page provides an overview of the V-Ray Render Settings.


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The V-Ray Render Settings provide control over the parameters that adjust the rendering process. They can be accessed from several different locations within the Modo User Interface, including the V-Ray Menu from the main Modo menu bar, the quick access buttons found in the V-Ray Toolbar or the V-Ray Toolbox, and from the Properties menu option when the Render item is selected in the Shader Tree.

The V-Ray Render Settings are divided into the following categories:




 UI Paths:

V-Ray Menu > Render Settings ->...

||V-Ray Toolbar|| > V-Ray render settings buttons





||V-Ray Toolbox|| > render settings buttons


||Shading viewport|| > Shader Tree mode > right click Render item > Properties