This page provides information on licensing procedures for V-Ray for Modo.


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  • Licensing V-Ray for Modo with a Hardware Dongle - Traditional dongle-based licensing is based on a hardware (USB) dongle that easily installs on an end user's system or on a machine that acts as a license server for all systems on the network. Dongles are programmed with license numbers into the hardware of the dongle itself, providing a fast and secure way to manage licensing needs across all Chaos Group products.
  • Licensing V-Ray for Modo through Online Licensing System - Online Licensing System provides another fast and secure way to license certain products. This highly encrypted system relies on an online tool to manage licenses for all your systems from one central place. With the Online License System, users can "borrow" licenses from their accounts and be completely offline without having a hardware dongle for up to 15 days at a time.