Please note that this documentation space offers information for V-Ray 3.6! For most up-to-date documentation, refer to V-Ray Next for Modo help.

This page provides information on V-Ray .vrscene references.


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V-Ray .vrscene reference allows you to import .vrscenes exported with V-Ray for other platforms, and only loads the full details at render time. This allows the rendering of scenes with many millions of triangles; more than Modo itself can handle in its viewports.



 UI Paths:

 |Item List Viewport| > Add Item dropdown > V-Ray Geometry > V-Ray .vrscene reference

 |Item List Viewport| > Add Item button > Add Item Window > Directories > V-Ray Geometry > V-Ray .vrscene reference


Basic Parameters   

File Path 
The source .vrscene file.

Override material – Apply a single material to all geometry within the .vrscene.

Preview – Controls how the .vrscene appears in the viewport. Choose between Preview Geometry, Item Bounding Boxes, or the Full Scene.

Preview Faces – Specifies how many faces are used to show a preview of the .vrscene in the viewport.


Scene Elements



Include lights – Specifies if the lights in the .vrscene are included in the reference. 

Animation Override  


Animation override – Allows the included .vrscene animation to be overridden.



  • It is still possible to import a .vrscene instead of simply referencing it. See the page on Importing a .vrscene for more information.